The non-sense LEFTIST COMMUNIST word – TRANSGENDER – has finally proven to be the horror PatriotMouse has said it is.

They should have allowed service for TRANS WOMEN and TRANS MEN, NOT TRANSGENDERS, and NOT PAID for reassignment surgery.  But cover basic medical such as hormone therapy which is inexpensive and more of an upkeep cost.

But they should NOT have written the language using the non-sense word TRANSGENDER. Which is a LEFT AGENDA NON-SENSE word.

Today Trump has come out and banned TRANSGENDER troops from the military. What Why?

Well you see, transgender means everything from people who actually trans sex (transsexuals as they used to be called) to those who jack off wearing TuTus. This has caused tremendous damage to trans people (transsexuals). Because it is a non-sense word designed to funnel more people into the medical system and psychiatry, it is a boon to the head shrinkers but absolutely ruins the gains for recognition that trans men and trans women have fought 50 years for.

Actually trans sexing is a major hardship for those declared male at birth. They may be intersexed, may have mutilated genitals from circumcism, and almost always have intersexed brain development.  The grueling path they fac e is almost unbelievable that any human can endure it. The up side? The surgery has been nearly perfected and other than a uterus and ovary transplant grown from stem cells, it’s state of the art.  The hundreds of hours of body lasering, face electrolysis, facial skull surgery, it’s all a huge journey and MOST DO NOT WANT the public to pay for it. EXCEPT, being forced to pay thousands for medical insurance, its quite the slap in the face that they are explicitly excluded with language from the 1950s deep in the policy booklets.

We know the mechanism why trans women are created. There are several. Lack of testosterone in the womb is most common.

Conversely we do NOT know the mechanism for Trans Men and one wonders if they are not an offshoot of anti-male hostile lesbianism. Many lesbians simply take testosterone for thrills. The surgery for trans men is outrageously expensive, over $100,000 and quite experimental. There is no way to guarantee feeling afterwards. We have to face reality that Trans Male recognition should be delayed until it is more mature, and that might take another 20 years. Where are the brain studies for Trans Men? Where are the outcome studies. It’s just too early.

The laws for Trans Male recognition are also sexist. They do not have to have their vaginas closed, their uterus and ovaries removed. Nope. But they put that in for Trans Women. More evidence of the Gynocracy.

Worse, fappy transgenders who prance around and crossdress now try to claim all the rights of trans women. Which is wrong. Very wrong. Like the lesbos, Many transgenders just take estrogen and do nothing else then want full recognition as womanhood. They want marriage rights, rights to serve in the military, discrimination rights, etc.

So this one word is quite the problem. it’s like having a small platform big enough for 10 people, which the trans women were on, and dumping 500 transgenders on it and going “Oh it will be ok”

We need to make progress in society on these issues, but it wont come until we chuck the ridiculous meaningless word “transgender”

Now here is the policy side. If a TRANS WOMAN in the military comes out and says they need to transition, the military should support them in these ways:

1) Give them One Year off at reduced pay / sustenance pay to complete the process

2) Allow them to serve in homeland based jobs in non living environments. aka desk jobs during this time if they can.  There are tons of these kinds of jobs in the military so it shouldn’t necessarily be a sit at home year off.

3) The first six months of HRT therapy they should still be able to work as they begin the process

4) After that, they should leave, complete the process. After one year full time in their new gender role, they will get their sexual reassignment surgery and will then need another three to four months to recover. They should pay for this.

5) Finally, after all that, they can come back to the military at the same rank and pay they left, in a new location with a new identity and gender, and most importantly, if they wish it, their past should be SEALED unless they have serious negative issues on their record.

This makes much more sense than Banning a non-sensical word.


Joshua Block, a senior staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union’s LGBT & HIV Project, called the move “an outrageous and desperate action,” and asked transgender military service members to get in touch with the organization, saying it was “examining all our options on how to fight this.”

“The thousands of transgender service members serving on the front lines for this country deserve better than a commander in chief who rejects their basic humanity,” Mr. Block said.

Mr. Trump’s abrupt decision will likely end up in court; a nonprofit group that represents gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the military immediately vowed to sue.

“We are committed to transgender service member,” the group, OutServe-SLDN, said in a statement. “We are going to fight for them as hard as they are fighting for the country. And we’re going to start by taking the fight to Donald Trump in the federal court.”