Hitler tried endlessly to find a way to protect the german citizens living in Danzig Poland. He put forward three different plans to try to connect and allow travel for Danzig citizens with Germany. He proposed a train corridor, he proposed to let an international body to manage it.

Each time Poland refused. They refused through EIGHT MONTHS of negotiations. Because they had the UK’s promise to protect them if attacked.

And the German citizens there were being massacred. Beaten and raped. And for months Hitler stood by in horror not knowing how to help his people.

Finally Hitler had no choice and invaded Poland. And the brits declared war on Germany. Hitler beat them back to Dunkirk where on the beach they were easy prey for machine gunners. Instead, Hitler let them all go.

You see, unlike Churchill the rabid war monger DOG who turned down SEVEN offers for peace INCLUDING deputy Furer Hess’ own trip to Scotland with a letter from Hitler asking for PEACE (without even making any other demands of England), Hitler could not bring himself to mowing down fellow christians.  So he let them go. And send another envoy requesting peace with England. It all could have ended there.

NO! Churchill became furious in defeat and didn’t want his reputation tarnished. So he brought down the entire british empire and bankrupted America by having them  pulled into the war as well. He bankrupted the entire western world to get his “victory”.

This is the real story. Hitler was the man of peace. Trying to save and protect his people. Not the mad dog invading take over Europe madman we are told. But, for a westerner whose mind is so garbled, its soo hard to see that it was all a manipulation by the jewish bankers, to pit communists against hitler against the west, all funded by bank loans on all sides. And it almost led to the communist takeover of all of europe. The communists DID seize half of Europe and the USA was powerless to stop them.

So don’t fall for Dunkirk propaganda. The war told from British eyes is a lie. They were the aggressors, they bombed civilians in cities FIRST, and they refused peace.  The brits were mad dogs. And now their nation is mostly ruined and their empire gone.

Dunkirk was Hitler’s extending an olive branch to England, by letting its defeated soldiers go. He didn’t put them in prison. He didn’t execute them. he let them go. But they wont tell you that in the movie.