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“Let’s Meet face to face and tell me I’m not worthy” said the disgruntled Beck. During Beck’s years as a Navy seal she hid her trans status. She would have probably been thrown out of the team if knowledge of her “difference” got out.

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For people like Kristin, life is very difficult having to hide their true nature their whole lives. Studies show that being trans effects between 1./2500 and 1/5000 people. Rare, but not insignificant.

In other cultures, people who are “two spirits” are respected and admired as great communicators, special mojo “medicine” people who are healers or leaders.

But not in Amerikka.  In the USA, any difference must be stamped out. People are terrified of what they don’t understand. “Is this a gay thing?” men ask and grasp their anuses out of fear.

In the phillipines, Fiji, and other smaller countries, people who have this nature are free to come out earlier. In other countries like Thailand, hormones are available over the counter so people transition at an early age and emerge quite beautiful.

But in stodgy close minded America, everything is made quite difficult for trans people. Access to medical care, hormones, and surgery is quite hard to get and expensive.

In the UK not only is it all paid for, even things like hair transplant surgery is covered!

America is not really a first world country, it’s more like a huge slave plantation. It’s quite sad really that people like Kristin had to wait until financially secure and retired to transition.