OK let’s dig into this graph. What is wrong with it? Looks like the uSA is a great place for low taxes.

First, let’s not consider what the rate is on drudges, but on people who can actually afford to be middle class. That’s 32%. This is the real base rate.

OK what did they forget? Well, let’s not forget the 15% social security rate. You see in Denmark and Finland and France retirement is built in. So we have to add that to compare to them.

So we are up to 47% just with that. Second in taxes ONLY TO DENMARK. Didn’t see that in the chart? Hmmm.

Now the 15% is hidden because employers pay half, but its still potential income sucked away, it’s just a magic act.

Don’t forget the 2% SSDI tax. By the way, since 90 million americans are not working and moving onto disability, what happens now that the SSDI fund is broke all their payouts come from the general social security fund. Meaning your retiremend is f-ed. wonderful. Nearly every black and hispanic qualifies for this just by being born, their low 85 IQ means they can claim to be “learning disabled” and never ever work. Then their’s the adult baby or Octomom’s kid with a lisp that gets payola. Don’t get me started.

OK 49%. That’s not so bad. But wait, what if you live in NY or California. Well add another 13% state tax. So that pushes us up to 62% tax.

Wait, it gets better. Don’t forget Sales taxes. Another 8-10%.  And don’t forget that in europe they don’t pay these huge property taxes which are another 10% of income in the US. Since they have big sales taxes in europe as well, lets just factor in property taxes. That doesnt hit everyone, but its basic middle class which is what we want to compare.

So we are up to 72% of pay going to taxes in the US, vs. 54% in france (52% income and 2% of pay property tax).

That means taxes in the USSA are FIFTY PERCENT HIGHER than the next highest country on earth!

here is the real graph for the USSA: