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Update… Looks like Sessions IS moving on Shrillary prosecution. Hey may have until the end of the year to prove himself due to the Scaramucci firing and Priebus firing. Trump is going to pause and wait and see so there isn’t so much turmoil all at once in the white house. So it’s a reprieve for Sessions, but ONLY if he starts getting his butt in gear. If not, it won’t last longer than the end of the year tops.

Now, most likely Sessions is already investigating Hillary.  But keeping it under wraps. There is just no knowing, but Trump would know and so far he’s pissed at the non-action. So probably Trump has redirected Sessions and the investigations have just started, especially with the congress now pushing for investigations as well.

It’s a fluid situation. We just don’t know. The only thing we do know is that if Trump does not get a Rice/obama/comey/shrillary investigation going it’s the biggest mistake in politics ever.


breaking ….

Once Rudy is in, he can terminate Mueller, and launch FIVE investigations against Shrillary.

Word is Giuliani was offered it, and he has the credentials for a easy confirmation. Also, no one supported Trump like Giuliani during the campaign.

Now normally, he’s not interested. BUT. The chance to lead the PIVOTAL PROSECUTION against the Hillary wermacht may just be too juicy a plum to resist. This would be bigger than the Scopes Monkey Trial! The TRIAL of the MILLENIUM. So… it’s not unthinkable that he would jump in.

And the other thing ..He is a HELL of a prosecutor!

The AG to HS deal is now echoing through the news chats. It’s clearly had some discussion.  If NOT Giuliani then WHO? Another general? They aren’t lawyers, they don’t qualify.  Tony Weiner? Well only if he gets to show his weiner.

Then there is the BILL which is demanding that the AG investigate Hillary. It’s huge pressure on Sessions. So he has basically ONE WEEK to show some movement in prosecution. Because Trump doesn’t want to go through nominations again and be without a AG. But he might at least, be able to keep the swap while awaiting the new guy claiming Sessions is now needed in Homeland. It’s an interesting gambit almost as silly a how Happy Reince was to get fired.

well pressure is mounting to gut that soulless fish Hillary.  We can only hope. It would be the easiest conviction on the planet, if she doesn’t just kill everyone first.