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The problem with tax cuts is all of it goes to business. Nothing goes to the middle class. Tiny crumbs.

This won’t work. But it’s what they are stuck doing if they try to pass under budget reconcilliation rules. Which means, if they take money out from taxes, they have to balance it from somewhere else.

They need to shift the burden. The middle class is a dying coughing dust corpse. It’s now or never.

So to bring in money, here are two small proposals.

  1. Tax all imports 10% with a “security fee” not a tariff. All our additional security costs bears this out. Calling it a security fee makes it harder to start a trade war.
  2. Tax all financial transportations by a tiny amount (0.25%). This will bring in billions as well and forces the fatcats who got bailed out 28Trillion to start to pay it back.

Then, shake up the code.

NO TAXES for earnings BELOW 150,000 a year. NONE. (250K a year for couples)

This would mean that almost NONE of the middle class would have to deal with the IRS until they became successful.  As people build up money, invest, capital will return to the system. Then finally we will get funds for small business again.

Instead, they are actually going to be RAISING taxes on the middle class. No this can’t stand. If all the real breaks just go to big business, Trump is going against the people who got him elected. The American people deserve better.

Go BIG, or don’t go at all.