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Scaramucci left his job, lost his wife, and sacrificed it all to be in DC. To serve Trump. And in return he got a big slap in the face.

The moral of the story might seem to be don’t talk about penises if you are the communcations director of the white house!

Why would any sane person throw themselves into that turmoil.  First Flynn, then Mooch, these were supposed to be his big allies.  But Trump apparently has lost his sanity.

Was it a Kelly Ego Clash? Maybe. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mooch didn’t want to bow to the general.

Now one big issue is ip post facto, Mooch made his penis comments while working directly for Trump knowing that Trump wouldn’t really mind. At worst it was a gambit. So Kelly comes in, he should set the rules from day one, and then act on it for events GOING FORWARD. You never act based on what happened in the PAST of your leadership. So Kelly is a major dick to do this with Mooch, he should have given him a warning.  So this guy Kelly is a major tight ass  which is what you would expect. It’s patently unfair.  Still Mooch was an idiot to say anything like that, but like the scorpion riding the frog, he just couldn’t help it.

But whatever it is, it will make bringing in good people to the white house tough. Who is going to want to go into that mahem mill now?  I can’t imagine.

Trump’s walls are closing in.  These are dangerous times.

AG is going after pot heads and stealing their cash and cars.

No Justice for the Bundies.

Trump is going after transgenders in the military

No action on the H-1b genocide of american software engineers

NO tax break for the middle class

No prosecution of Hillary

. Dump Trump.  I’m done. He has lost it. We are tired of waiting.