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The truth is you are a slave Neo… You are a tax milk cow for a tiny group of corrupt fat sick monsters.

The truth is the government is a system of enslavement not freedom.

The truth is we live in a world of endless war and suffering and starvation, people working to death and dying young

The truth is there is no freedom if you are an American, you are taxed on WORLDWIDE INCOME. And it costs $2,500 to request out of the system (and 4 years of perfect tax returns, and their permission)

Every year the US Government throws 245,000 – 375,000 US Eneingeers into the streets and replaces them with dumb brown people.  And has done this for over 20 years. And no one gives a fuck.

Every year millions of baby boys have their genitals mutilated. So they will never be able to orgasm with a woman. Because vagina.

Every year millions of black women will abort their fully developed babies. Because they are whores. And this is normal.

Every year millions will not have enough food or a place to stay, mostly WHITE MEN, while women who plan on living on welfare start having babies at 15. Because Vagina.

Every year millions of children will get declared disabled, because of a lisp, or told by mom to fake being autistic, and get free handfuls of money

Every year millions of blacks with average black IQ will be told they never have to work ever again and get free money, because they are learning disabled.

Every year whites will be worked literally to death to pay for the huge handouts to invaders and non-whites while they themselves are taxed into poverty

Every year millions of dreams will die because despite all the rhetoric the US government has NO PROGRAMS to help entrepreneurs start companies.

Every year property taxes will go higher making retirement in Amerikka impossible, all to fund outlandish pensions for non-college educated bureaucrats, firemen, police, and garbage collectors.  Why? Their 6.5% projected returns only netted 1%.

Pension plans will cause whole cities to collapse and go broke. Detroit. Chicago. Everywhere eventually. Because we have to keep interest rates low because we are 20 trillion in debt.  This also means you can’t get a return on your dollars to fund your retirement forcing you into the risky stock market. Millions of Americans are facing impossible retirements because the government handed out trillions to “lift blacks up” and for “black education” and for “affirmitive action and free section 8 housing” and for disability for people who lisp or are born black.

White men are refusing marriage after millions of  single mothers throw their men away and try to nail them in divorce courts or live off the state.  Go MGTOW or get screwed.

And don’t think you can vote change in. Remember Ron Paul had FIVE STATES fully certified and they refused to put him on the ballot or EVEN MENTION HIS NAME. Remember what they did to Bernie. Just declared Clinton the winner regardless. And when we do get a candidate in who wants to TRY minor reform, well that’s Russian collusion so we will convene grand juries with no evidence.

It’s all a fucking fraud. America has already been stolen. And the clintons pocket hundreds of millions of dollars for “charity” and laugh and giggle and cackle yet still can run publically for office like they are normal.

Everything is now upside down. Time to flee.