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Her typical day would begin with four egg mcMufins (dindunuffins). Three tubes of pringles. An entire bag of hershey chocolate bars and ten bags of M&Ms candies.

Next came the dozen cinnamon rolls and a whole plate of fried chicken.

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But it was never enough. And with welfare paying for free food, why stop eating?

Now a tv series is showing us the realities of slags who eat themselves to death. My 600 Pound Life is a terrifying documentary into the eating habits and crazy lifes of those who have eaten so much they can no longer stand or get out of bed.

“It’s the new face of welfare sweeping the nation. They are just eating machines. They create nothing they do nothing. they just eat and watch tv.”

Eventually they get so fat that they can no longer lift the fork to their face. That means it’s time for nurses aides and other enablers to help get the food down their swollen faces.


As more and more americans get fatter and fatter we wonder why this is happening versus the 1950s when americans were so lean.

One reason is that with our huge food distribution system and mega farms, the fruits and vegetables are often quite old and tasteless by the time they get to the grocery stores. And many states do not grow food very well – Texas and New Mexico come to mind. The climate is just too arid.

We need instead to be developing food closer to our cities. Using new techniques like hydroponics and aquaponics. organic farming to re-bacterialize the soils and make them alive again.

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Instead farmers spray crops with Glyphosate  – aka RoundUp from Monsanto, murdering the soil.

Fruit is old and often never ripens properly. Sure it looks good, but tastes like clay.

We need a revolution in farming and it is slow going. Few people want to do it and theres no government money to get started, except for the Pigford handouts of 200,000 dollars to every black who claimed they were a farmer.  “Yah I was a farmer, a spliff farmer” laughs Tussie Washington who spent her $200,000 on a new caddilac.  “Oh thers no money for white people, this is our money”

Sadly Hispanics after making a fuss were awarded the money also. No new farms were created.

When the vegetables and fruit are no good, people eat deep fried meets and grains, a high fat high glycemic recipe that ends in diabetes and huge swollen bodies. A death sentence.

So while TV shows push bariatric surgery as the “solution for fatties” these procedures benefit mostly doctors. What these people need to do is learn to eat fruits and vegetables, and get off the meat and grains.

Even milk is problematic. Studies show that it can trigger immune reactions which damage pancreas cells causing diabetis type 1 and 2.

We need a re-think. We need to build our cities with fruit tree and vegetable production integrated into them, not trucked for days from Kansas.

In nations where there are daily farmers markets and people bring the food from small local farms the people are THIN.

America has been a big experiment for big corporations to manage our food as high carb low nutrient high fat bacteriologically barren and nutrient absent.  And it’s caused horrible results (watch the video).

Could it be any more obvious?