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All 200 Million of Us Indians all want H-1B visas to come to america because we are just as smart with our small brains and 85 IQs

So our nation in it’s 25 year long policy of outright genocide against American software engineers continues. Driven by lies from ZukerFuck and Bill Hates about not being able to find qualified engineers (for 40,000 a year) and the abuse of the “prevailing wage” system this program is simultaneously Anti-White, Age Discrimination, and a utter lie.

So why does it continue? How can it continue against all logic. We have created no new computer jobs since 2,000 yet in the same time we brought in EIGHT MILLION INDIANS with fake degrees. Half now get to stay here permanently! And their wives who ALSO GET TO WORK!

A lot of this is being done out of anti-white madness at the top. I’m rich and I’m soo guilty about it I’ll hire lots of dumb brown skinned people to feel better.  Oh and as a bonus we meet our affirmative action quota when 100% of our IT department is black!

But the real reason this keeps on going on, and why there has been a 100% TOTAL BLACKOUT on it in the news, is the huge millions of dollars silicon valley doners contribute to republicans and demothugs.  And they crave these dumb brown workers. Why?

Most are mediocre grunt workers at best, at worst they write gibberish screwed up code thats a disaster. But they still want them. Why?

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Negroid Infosys Employees will be bodyshopped to American Companies

Because as leaders, they love the sucking up, the pandering, that these slave workers give them. They love it. They lap it up like a donkey lapping up a plate of cow turds. Mmmm delicious. Suck on my balls a bit longer. Yess to the right a bit.

Because desperate to get out of the shit strewn streets of horror India, a once white nation that bred with negros and now is a mixed race shit storm, these workers know they need full support of their companies to get accepted into the green card program. And it takes years and years. That means years and years of unpaid overtime.  And quiet obedient workers.  And the companies love that MORE than they love getting good products or getting the job done.  In fact, most companies who go negroid with their development houses collapse into bankruptcy and fail. and woe to any company dumb enough to make one of them CEO certain collapse is not far off.

So what about their lack of ethics and morality, another factor of being brown skinned and having a less developed negroid brain.  The cheating and utter lack of compassion in these people often sociopathic make them at first good business people.  But in the end it drives people away and makes getting projects done impossible. The result are messes like Cognizant’s Obamacare software which had to be thrown away after 200B spent.

Most horrifically, AG Sessions was a strong advocate of reform of this horrific program. But so far, no action. Trump is too terrified to piss off silicon valley.

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Indian H-1B Engineers taking a break to shit in the street

What should be done? Well first they have to fix the prevailing wage. Base it on years of experience and wages at the company and 10 other similar companies in the SAME CITY. Because all too often they take the wage of a fresh out of college student and say thats prevailing, when they are bringing in a 40 year old indian for a position which requires ten years experience.

On top of the wage, the fees need to be much higher, and all of it should go to extend unemployment to out of work americans.  How about 50,000 fee once accepted. That would make them on a cost basis the same as Americans even dodging the prevailing wage.  The current $4,000 fee is a joke. And stop funding jobs training for black retards to go into ass wiping positions and “this is a mouse” basic what is a computer training. This is NOT helping the the millions of American engineers.  How about allowing them to take expensive 8,000 a course SAP and Oracle certificate leading courseware? Nope, won’t do it. We are going to make 1,000,000 more nurses instead.  Because vagina.

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Rolling Balls of Cow Dung is just like Rolling Java Code Says Pramathi

So if the ass fucking of American engineers isn’t truly and utterly abhorant at this point, I would suggest that CONGRESS create a new visa  – The H-1C, to bring in dumb indians to replace them in congress.  Wait a dumb indian can’t do my job they scream. Nope doesn’t matter. If they can be engineers then they can certainly be congressmen with their horrific pidgeon english and endless gibberish.  Could they be any worse than what we already have? And India has over 200,000,000 congressmen just waiting to come over, complete with fake Harvard MBAs and fake law degrees. So what’s the difference.  And they work for pennies on the dollar so that will help our national debt.

The fake degree factories are everywhere in India. Even if they do go to an actual school they are allowed to cheat on every test and buy their grades from teachers. It’s all a shit storm of fraud. Most complete their 4 year H-1B degree in six weeks to learn “lingo”

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Do you want IIT Harvard or Yale. $10.  An Indian fake degree merchant shows off his wares. 

Sadly, that day will never happen.  Nope, the genocide of smart americans must continue.  Many are now pushed into the war industry where the need for security clearances keeps them safe.  But really, if there was a major war, I would propose for all the engineers to just walk away. You fucked us hard in the ass for over 20 years and didn’t give a fuck no matter how hard we yelled and screamed. Now fuck you uncle sam. Go fuck yourself.