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Gore to be locked in BioDome for 365 Days with no CO2

In an unprecedented show of force, Once vice president now billionaire CO2 climateologist has made plans to be sealed into the Amazon Biosphere for 365 Days with NO CO2 except that exhaled from his own breath.

“It’s all solar powered, what can go wrong? It’s a perfect climate stress free environment” said Gore.

Gore will have powerful CO2 collectors installed to remove even the CO2 he exhales from the air. “CO2 is a dangerous climate altering drug” said Gore.

“Everything will die without CO2 are you crazy” said scientist Gene Falsworth.

“It will all be just fine” said Gore. “I’ve given strict orders not to open the doors no matter what happens.  There are fruit trees and gardens and acres of fresh perfect vegetables to sustain me!”

“It’s all doing to be dead in a month without CO2 you idiot!” screamed Gene as Gore stepped through the door.

“Climate change means warming AND cooling” said a triumphant Gore, stepping inside with his biosuit.

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