If this is happening in the UK, it’s happening 1000 times more in the US. Fake degrees and fake Indians plow into the modern world to escape the shit strewn hellhole that is India


Jatinder Kumar Sharma

Jatinder Kumar Sharma, 44, pleaded guilty to the single biggest visa scam ever seen in Britain

An Indian solicitor and two women who both claim to be his wives made a mockery of Labour’s supposedly tough border controls while taking part in the biggest visa scam seen in Britain.

Jatinder Kumar Sharma and one of his wives, illegal immigrant Rakhi Shahi, ran a fraud factory helping hundreds of immigrants apply for visas using bogus documents and false identities.

Neelam Sharma – who also claims to be Sharma’s wife – was convicted of handling some of the £1.5million which poured into the immigration consultancy business, named Univisas.

When police raided the company’s office in Southall, West London, they found 90,000 documents including 980 visa application files, false university certificates, academic records, bank statements and pay slips.

Police suspect the company secured visas for at least 1,000 people, mostly from the Indian sub-continent, using a network of bogus colleges in London, Manchester, Bradford and Essex.

Most of the bogus students they got into the UK are still here – including around 150 from Pakistan, raising fears of a possible terrorist route into the UK. Their scam also exploited Whitehall’s Highly Skilled Migrant Programme.

Yesterday, Jatinder Sharma, 44, was jailed for seven years for offences including conspiracy, money laundering and deception.

Rakki Shahi, 31,
Neelam Sharma, 38,

Wives: Rakhi Shahi, 31, and first wife Neelam Sharma, 38

The fraudsters issued hundreds of fake certificates which they claimed were not thoroughly checked by Home Office officials

The fraudsters issued hundreds of fake certificates which they claimed were not thoroughly checked by Home Office officials

Shahi, 31, was given eight years for conspiracy, money laundering and using false documents.

Police uncovered hundreds of fake documents when they raided Univisas premises

Police uncovered hundreds of fake documents when they raided the Univisas premises

Neelam Sharma, 38, was given four years for money laundering but was cleared of conspiracy to defraud and immigration offences.

All three lived together in Southall. Neelam Sharma married Jatinder Sharma nearly 20 years ago, but a marriage certificate appears to show that he also recently married Shahi.

Police say both marriages took place in India and the second would be illegal under Indian law.

Prosecutor Francis Sheridan told Isleworth Crown Court that the fraudsters took advantage of sham-bolic immigration checks, and the mass of evidence gathered for the case presented a ‘damning indictment’ of Government failures.

‘Between them they submitted the largest number of fraudulent visa applications ever received by the Home Office from one source, making this the biggest immigration scam ever seen in this country,’ said Mr Sheridan.

‘Applicants with humble backgrounds found themselves in possession of degrees, masters degrees, post-graduate qualifications and diplomas within a matter of months.

‘They achieved them by paying for it, thereby avoiding the rather troublesome step of actually having to attend a college and study.’

In an acute embarrassment for Labour, it emerged that Home Office employees had failed to spot that employment certificates from across India were almost identical, and that wage slips did not add up.

In some cases, students appeared to have attended two full-time courses simultaneously. Many people gave the same address and in one case an individual changed sex mid-application.