The story begins with Luke accepting his light saber back on the deserted island of  Srawrats. And the rats about indeed, although this time not even Po Dameran can fight them off. No I’m not talking about the Hut empire, the true force is Disney.

Rose Tiko is now added as the asian and “The Multiculturism  Cycle is Complete” don’t forget the new muppet  that looks like a baby seal. Han Solo is dead, too white apparently, as is General Leia.

Chewie – “I thought I was the cute one. RHARWR!”

Apparently, the Porgs, are the new ewoks or marketing flully toys to sell to kids.

Luke is no longer white and proud, but defeated and bitter. As well he should be, all the characters have been turned black and brown. Did these people really have the IQ to build a death star? Doubtful.

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The new “multicultural” death star isn’t quite so scary

And look what they did to darth vader, he’s a lipstick wearing pouffer!  this is supposed to be scary?

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This is the new face of evil? Looks more like a pouffer from the space-gay bar

The new plot centers around a cloning mistake that produces millions of new BLACK clones by accident.

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You Idiots, You Cloned the WRONG PERSON! That’s Not Jango Fett thats Jango Bojangles!

Ah Disney, you have done well lord vader.  Where is the transgender character one wonders. Apparently a new character – the Blob of Force – is going to make an appearance. Instead of light sabers, zhee spouts green lightning force rays from zher sprouting boob-lets.

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Fear not oh penis-chopped one, there is a new penis character in the movie, the CareTaker who looks like like you wrapped your schlong in a mama smurf outfit.


Apparently our last hope (as a race) is Leia’s daughter.   Well  maybe by the third film the empire’s economy will collapse from outhsourcing and importing millions of sith on the H-1B visa.

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In a touching scene, Leia hugs the “last whitey” before being killed by a mob of Zulu Clones

Don’t worry there are still space oddities abounding

Related imageand at least the new sets look cool

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