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Every stealth bomber – the B2 Batwing, can carry two MOP bombs.  Developed by Boeing to be deadly accurate, the MOP makes the MOAB look like a cherry bomb.

A fleet of bombers could take out a whole city in seconds, dropping 20 of these. With a blast radius of over 5KM, a MOP blow is expunging.

The USA has been developing non-nuclear options for a long time. A Super MOP which is classified is certainly in our arsenal as well.


October 19/15: Boeing’s GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) will undergo a second phase redesign, known as the Enhanced Threat Reduction IV, with a contract anticipated soon external link external link. With no plans to competitively procure the weapon, the next GBU-57 contract – expected to be for the redesign, qualification and testing of the weapon – will be a sole-course acquisition. The bunker-busting bomb has been in development since 2004, with early tests conducted by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The hard-penetrating weapon is intended to be carried on B-2A Spirit stealth bombers, thought to be capable of carrying two of the weapons in internal bays.