hillprisonThe problem with a plea bargain for Hillary is that she is dead to rights a crook. So if she gets offered immunity for ALL her crimes and just spends six months in a fed-light prison, well that’s not such a great outcome. It would have to be no immunity on other crimes, a full confession, a full shit sliinging on all the bad apples in the Obama white house. She would have to sing like a canary.

But I fear she will be offered a deal with no jail time. She will fight for that. For Hillary to go to prison will be a huge affront to the demothugs.

Is it worth it to trade Clinton for Obama. No. It isn’t. We want both in jail.


There is another problem too – it’s a straw man crime, a bait and switch. What Hillary really did is sell our secrets and run a pay to play. If you didn’t play, you ended up like Khadaffy duck.  With a Bayonet up your ass.  After that, every country coughed up the 20 million shake down.

It’s like the mob visiting your little pastry shop and demanding the “insurance”.  Insurance that they don’t F you up. Except on a national scale. And instead of 100 bucks and 20 cannoli’s, its 20Ms and you agree to let the Muslim Brotherhood take over and give jobs to Huma Abedin’s cousins.

We need to see Hillary in Orange at a light prison fun zone for at least a year. That will take us through to the mid term elections. That will be a huge affront to the Dems.

With the dems crumbling and the Republobacks full of weasels, it is now time for a third party to emerge – the America First party. At first, just congressional runs. If we see how close the votes are, having just ten in congress be from a solid patriot third party will HUGELY effect outcomes.

So Hillary, you were a criminal. We want ALLL the money back and ALL the dirt. Everything about your operation. Chelsea can keep her NYC penthouse apartment. But the rest has to be returned. And THAT Clinton foundation money should be used for two things. One – to install solar and eco toilets and build solid concrete shelters and homes for Haiti. Build Aquaponics so they have fish and food. The other half should go to build the wall. We might rebuild Egypt and Libya with some of it as well. And send some money to Khadaffy’s family. And Stevens. The list of people this monster killed is endless.

We want to know who killed Seth Rich, we want the goods on Susan Lice and Wasserman pigface Schulz.

There is so much we want.  If she is willing to tell all, and go away for a year in shame in orange pajamas, the deal is we will leave Bill and Chelsea alone.

That is a good deal. I hope she takes it.

Oh yah, one more thing, for Obama NO DEALS. It’s the HooseGaw for him, for a long long time.