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Mueller has hired his 16th lawyer.  WTF! And nearly all of them are financial fraud investigators.  NOT international collusion investigators.  Rosenstein said that if they do a financial investigation it’s mission creep and he would have to approve it, yet EVERYONE on Muellers team is a financial investigator.

The thing is, with a buisiness enterprise as vast as Trump’s, there is always going to be some tiny thing that doesn’t seem quite perfect enough. That’s buisiness. Making deals, fighting for the edge. But Mueller can now take that and say the president is a criminal. This is sick!

Time to order Mueller to report on Russian Collusion, not Financial analysis of 20 years of a business empire.  He should get 30 days to make his final statement. That is NOT firing him, that’s saying Look Bub, you’ve had a FREAKIN YEAR to prove collusion with ZERO facts pointing to it. Show us the FACTS or shut up and shut down.

from bloomberg…

Mueller, a former FBI director, began assembling a team of fraud and constitutional law experts pulled from his former law firm and the Department of Justice immediately after he was appointed in May. He recently hired his 16th lawyer, former fraud prosecutor Greg Andres, who for the past five years represented Wall Street banks in New York. Trying to deal with Mueller without a high-powered legal operation “is like going to a knife fight with a stick of butter in your hand,” says Nicholas Allard, a former Washington attorney who’s now the dean of Brooklyn Law School. “The team should reflect the importance of what’s at stake, which is nothing less than the future of this presidency.”

For the moment, Trump’s personal lawyers are focused on coordinating with lawyers for the Trump campaign and the Trump Organization, as well as for individuals involved in the investigation such as Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn. Dowd also spends time communicating with Mueller—the two have known each other for years, says the person familiar with Trump’s legal strategy.

With the investigation in its early stages, Trump still has time to bulk up his team. “It doesn’t seem like they’re too far behind,” says William Mateja, who served as a Justice official in the George W. Bush administration. Mateja says Cobb is hiring lawyers to join him in the White House, though it’s unclear how big a budget he has. “The people that he assembles are going to be very much committed, and they’re going to work late nights,” he says. “So I don’t know from a legal-talent standpoint there’s going to be much of a fall-off at the end of the day.”