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Yes, I can do Java, Python, and C++ for ten dollars an hour, what do you need?

Tales from the Bone Yard! TJ Bones experience working with fake degreed fake resume Indian slag labor is the same as mine. But he points out correctly that millions of Indian slag will perfectly qualify for Trump’s point system based immigration. There needs to be country by country restrictions to make sure no nation dominates.

I still remember my second consulting contract with H-1B workers, four from India and one from China. The Chinese guy was the best and brightest of them, about as good as a dim witted low grade American engineer. The Indians were nice pleasant people. They usually are. On some levels, some of them were friendly and not so horrid. But as engineers! OMG! I remember, and this was several years after J2EE had come out, that even after hand holding, sample code and showing them over and over how to write a J2EE interface they COULD NOT DO IT. Now in bigger groups, a senior Indian, a rare smart one, just covers for the rest, talking in Hindi or something so we can’t follow it. But in this group they didn’t have one.  Things got SO BAD that we (the 2 americans) wrote a automatic code generation system so that the Indians wouldn’t have to write any code. That was our solution to the “Indian” problem. But they still sat there, laughed, and got paid what was for them huge bucks for doing almost nothing. The company thought they were “saving money” by hiring brown, instead they got crap on a stick. How many times have I personally seen this on my contracts in my 30 years in the industry? ON ALL OF THEM! Ten different contracts, ten different Indian teams, always the same.

Why hire them? Companies THINK they are saving money. Leftists THINK that it meets their affirmative action quotas when the rest of the company is solidly white. This is so common in Tech. All of the management is solidly white at “STAGE1”. So they bring in whole engineering teams of Indians. Now no one can sue them for “discrimination” but soon they reach “STAGE2” where the teams develop their own Indian managers because basically no Americans want to be around them and listen to pidgeon english or correct all their problems. This leads quickly to “STAGE3” when they have been around so long one actually gets promoted to director, vp, or god save us CEO (like google and microsoft). When that happens, no matter HOW HUGE a capital pile the company has built up, they will begin to suck it down. The company will shift into reverse but analysts will have a hard time seeing it, until suddenly they go tits up.

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I got rich pretending to be a computer programmer, and if you are Indian you can too!

Now this process is happening with HULK IBM.  They sold off their computing business (except some chips and mainframe crap) and hired all indians, set up bit offshoring centers in India for even more workers they could pay even less. And for 15 years they have been getting HIGH paying consulting based on their name and prestige alone. And companies hiring IBM just assumed they were getting the BEST.  Finally companies are waking up and realizing if you go IBM you get an american manager and 50 shit indian workers who make crap code. IBM just overbills when disaster strikes and charges EVEN MORE TO FIX IT. IT’s a great business model which will run until their 100 year reputation is finally so in tatters the company goes under, which is exactly what is happening now.

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Thanks to Obama, Our Wives get to work in America Also!

Worse, Obama signed a decree letting their WIVES in. So if you see the H-1B visas granted number of 577,000 (or 255,000 in 2016) think about DOUBLING THAT cause all these guys on H-1B contracts are quickly married. That’s over EIGHT MILLION of them here chasing FOUR MILLION TECH JOBS. 100% Jobs replacement. And you wonder why we are angry about it?

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Oracle or SAP I can do for $15 an hour. Yes sir, I have many many degrees

Anyways, with that long intro, we present TBONE’s experience of working with these Indian Slags, and why Trump’s point system is going to open the flood gates to them. I agree with that. Something has to be done to manage the Indian problem. It is a kind of warfare, their ENTIRE COUNTRY now is nothing but thousands of diploma mills turning out mediocre and fake computer engineers. A whole nation of them! It’s literally a kind of parasitic war feeding on Amerika. We have to wake up.

The first step, LOWER THE H-1B VISAS GRANTED TO 20,000 a year and INCREASE the FEE to $50,000.  This will ensure that companies even if they finnagle the prevailing wage and cheat on other levels generally will only use it if there is a genuine need.



Speaking as a computer engineer whom has 25+ years of experience I watched my career be systematically destroyed by the corporations that what wanted cheap labor. The computer field is a wasteland today outside of companies like Google or Apple. Before someone expounds about Silicon Valley – this is only a percentage of the computer people in the country. Even in the Valley there are tons of foreigners on visas.

Today if you go into any company in the US, I can guarantee with certainty that pretty much their entire IT department is Indian. The non-Indian Americans are a minority everywhere you go now. This didnt just happen and these people that came here are not the best and brightest despite what the media would like you to believe.

I remember a time when you went into any company in the US the computer people were ALL Americans. And I dont even mean white, I mean they were American citizens. That my friends is long gone thanks to the H1B. Prior to Y2K corporations systematically brought thousands of them here to work on the problem as there was supposedly a shortage of computer people.

After Y2K it accelerated. Companies realized they had a giant pool of cheap labor. I watched company after company systematically get rid of all their American employees by either hiring people on H1B visas or outright shipping the jobs offshore.

I am now seeing the H1B problem expanding into other areas like finance and accounting. If you complain about it the first thing they do is call you a racist. You are supposed to cheer lead your destruction. Kind of like what the white population is supposed to do in the US. We are supposed to enjoy becoming a minority. Well in the computer field you are already a minority.

With that being said even if they implement this points system what we are effectively doing is bringing in white collar workers by the boatload. This will no longer be unskilled cheap labor. These people are going to go into the hear of whats left of this country’s economy. You can bet on it. They are going to pour into every white collar field in this country. For IT people this really wont mean jack as our field is already destroyed but for others that have not had it happen yet, its going to happen to you.

As for the corporations they are already rubbing their grubby hands together with glee about the expanding white collar job pool. They will be able to drive wages even lower.

Bet on it.

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Yes I tell you sir, our Java Coding is as good as Americans!