[Update : Apparently Heyer was not hit by the car at all, instead an Antifa fell on her, and due to her weight, caused a heart attack. This is not confirmed but based on best evidence of photographs]

As the black charger ran down the road plowing into another car, most antifa protestors jumped out of the way. But once the car stopped, a group of them attacked his rear window with bats smashing it out while others smashed in his side window.

So the driver panicked and he revved his car into reverse.

It’s clear this was attempted murder by the MOB and he was well within his rights to try by any means to get out of there, but gunning it in reverse was not the brightest thing to do.

The point is, it’s not a cut and dry case as the press makes it out to be.  They should not have been smashing in the windows of his car.  That makes everything much more complicated.

Here we see the group of four approaching the back of the car about to smash out his windows. The woman is 2nd from the left.


Next we see the man on the right smash out the back window. The man had started to reverse before anyone struck his car. So they were a group of pure rage. The woman is now second from the right.


Next Antifa Communist gangs encircle the car with clubs and attack. You can clearly see the black Antifa flag on a club being smashed into the side window of the car by the man on the right


Finally, while others fly off, the woman stays on the back of the car and is pincher-ed in between a park car, causing many injuries. Apparently this is NOT Heyer?


Notice also that they have beaten his FRONT windshield in as well or it is crash damage. We cannot be certain. Attackers were also seen swinging bats at the side of his car. So odds are that he certainly would have been killed by the mob if he did not try to get out of there otherwise he’d end up like Reginald Denny.  So it’s Homocide in Self Defense and it’s hard to say how a court will rule on it. Perhaps he had been attacked earlier by Antifa which provoked him to get scared and push on the gas, crashing the car in the first place. That wouldn’t be surprising at all.

What would you do if 100 angry protestors with bats were smashing your car windows in? It’s a hard question.

NPR describes what happened with their usual mental sickness- “ Heather Heyer, 32, was a paralegal who was killed when an alleged white supremacist crashed his car into a crowd of counter-protesters”

How do they KNOW he was a white supremacist? They know NOTHING ABOUT HIM!

And anti-protesters? How about ANTIFA COMMUNIST SCUM.

Tell the truth NPR a woman just died for chrissake!  [for updated info, see HIPPO DOWN ]

Heather Heyer, the woman who died