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Youse All Violent Raciss!

The mainstream media is all in a tizzy on a message that is getting hammered by everyone all the way up to Governor McAuliffe and Trump. That is, that white supremacists started the violence.

No it isn’t true. This was a planned psy-op. The cops stood down and “kettled” the alt-right crowd directly into the newly armed Antifa and BLM.

When the Antifa launched Tear Gas, the Police FLED!

The ACLU confirmed that police were given orders to stand down and not even to keep the groups apart –  “We’ll not intervene until given command to do so.”

Notice the one picture of a “KKK” was standing next to the ANTIFA and BLM people! A PSYOP PLANT!

How long will we stand by being called white supremacists when all they were protesting for was keeping our historic heritage. General Lee opposed slavery. Confederate flags are NOT white supremacist symbols they are symbols of the heritage of the south.

To our horror, Trump mimic-ed the talking points that it was “white supremacists” who were violent.

The right is trying to prevent the trajectory this nation is on – which is WHITE GENOCIDE.  We should be called ANTI-GEN not supremacists.