Groups have now come out screaming that we must take down statues of Roosevelt, Jefferson, and Washington. Martha Maccallum had Dana Loesch from the Blaze on her show today. Loesch repeatedly referred to the “Right” as “White Supremacists”.  Even Trump shot back today saying “What about the ALT-LEFT who came at the ALT-RIGHT with clubs, I don’t think that’s ok” Much better Donald. We are almost clapping. But he’s too scared to say Antifa and BLM.

“You’re changing history you’re changing culture… you had many people in that group other than neo-nazis and white nationalists and the press have treated them nothing but unfairly.  … There were people in that rally there were people protesting very quietly taking down the statue of Robert Less.  … to very legally protest they had a permit the other group didn’t have a permit” – DJ Trump

Trump is getting some of the truth out, but Loesch is just a ignorant savage leftist schill incapable of speaking in terms other than “white supremacists”. Why does that not surprise me.  No Dana, people who don’t want their nation turned into a stinking poo pit are not “White Supremacists” we simply recognize that every city in Amerika that has a majority Hispanic/Negroid population is a violent welfare hellhole. That’s not racist thats called having a brain that works. And we don’t want that for ALL of America. Yet that is where the government is taking us. Ah but to not want that is “Racist” because we can’t admit that these people are low IQ thuggish losers and parasites on the Europanic races. Oh no, can’t say the truth that might get messy.