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Apparently they don’t have vehicle barriers up on La Rambla, the big wide pedestrian street in the center of Barcelona.

The van swerved from side to side as it played out its killing spree, the driver fled and was not caught.

Shocking video shows people running past those injured on the ground and IGNORING THEM AND NOT OFFERING AID.  That is more disgusting to me than the driver!

Apparently the police hid behind cars rather than helping people. Wuss cops.

Why was this street not closed to traffic with barricades after the Madrid bombings? Why! Because the “can’t happen here” government was asleep at the wheel. And where was the government when a huge rubber boat of darkies landing on a Spanish beach and they just ran into the country.  America providing the defense for Europe has made them weak. Another reason for the US to get the hell out of Nato. The more countries we add the more chance there is we will get dragged into war.

Driss Oukabar a Moroccan is connected to it

Meanwhile Chris Cuomo, a fake news spokeshole says the “extreme right” is the most dangerous group in Amerikka.  Huh? Whah? Uhm Isis Dude?

Finally the movement to tear down the statue of liberty has begun. “It’s a symbol of the Patriarchy!” screamed on protestor.

The statue which is Sol Invictus, wears the “crown of thorns” the true face of Christ, Not Paul’s face which most depictions of christ use.

We don’t need to tear it down, we need to remove the stupid poem – “the New Collossus” which was added later making it about immigration. Sol Invictus is about the light of liberty and freedom, not allowing third world mongrels into our nation.

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