Image result for william evansBoston police chief William Evans referred to those marching in support of Free Speech as “Bigots and Haters”.

“Free Speech is dangerous hate” said Evans, and those who want freedom are “Bigots”

Evans who looks like a shriveled up scarecrow, spewed HIS hate speech to media as he described the Boston Free Speech Rally.

The Boston Police Department said on Twitter that 33 people were arrested in connection with Saturday’s rally and counter-protests. Police Commissioner William Evans said there were “a couple assault-and-batteries on police officers.” Earlier in the day, the department said on Twitter that rocks had been thrown at some officers, and there were other tense moments throughout that prompted police intervention.

Evans nevertheless called it a “great day for the city,” saying that overall “no one got hurt. No one got killed” and there was “no significant, at all, property damage to the city.

“We probably had 40,000 people out here, standing tall against hatred and bigotry in our city, and that’s a good feeling,” the commissioner said, adding that “99.9 percent of the people here were for the right reason and that’s to fight bigotry and hate.”