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Right now we import doctors from India. Their medical schools are just to pass the tests, they never learn how to think or diagnose like in America. Their whole plan, like the fake software engineers from India, is to get in  to America get their cash out.  Worse, cheating on every test! No, we need to produce doctors here in America.

But making a doctor in America takes too long and is far too expensive. And there is this terrible 24 hour work day hazing ritual which is just ridiculous. We need to make docs who are just as good, but much more efficiently.

Step 1) A national test from High school grads

We should create a special test for high school students that tests the ability to think, and use logic, and diagnose, and basic biology and chemisty and math skills. No not the SAT! Then the top scoring students would all get a FREE seat in a medical school and a housing and a food allowance.  And a contract which stipulates that each doctor in exchange for free school will contribute so many hours or work as a TEACHER each year, and so many hours giving charity care in a government clinic or G Clinic.  This would last for say, 2 years at the clinic full time, then 100 hours a year donated time.  So every doctor who returns to the G Clinic would be able to know all the standards and practices there. It’s a system that self-reinforces.

Now, we do NOT want the government to run the medical schools. So they should be set up so that a private company can earn a fair rate to oversee and manage them, and let competition declare which ones rank best and are in most demand. This is tricky and takes some thought to put together but it can be done.  It has an initial overhead since at first regular doctors would be the teachers OR a regular medical school would have it’s tuition paid for while the government-partnership medical schools are set up exclusively with prior grads of the program.

Finally, an apprentice program for specialization. Only surgeons who require to work at large hospitals would go outside the system. Most specialists would simply learn one on one with a senior doctor at their practice.  Another term of the agreement for minting them as doctors is that they take on an apprentice for one year, at least once every third year.

Oversight of the program for those who fail to meet their obligations would go to a board review and if necessary sanction them or remove their degree entirely.

The original medical schools were set up by Rockefeller with a violent hatred of the non-allopaths.  Naturopaths and those who believed in plants and nutrition for slow healing were thrown under the bus for big pharma pills and a precription pad. This isn’t working.

Instead, Much of the curriculum should include plant healing with instruction by chinese and non-chinese practitioners, and coursework dedicated to diets and outcomes with a strong emphasis on the Fuhrman high nutrition diet or the McDougal starcheater diet

Step 2) Set up A Nation Wide G Clinic Infrastructure

The doctors will pay back their time with service in a G Clinic. These clinics should handle most non-surgical interventions. They should support x-ray and simple injury, colds, basic prescriptive and diagnostic needs, and health exams. These can be existing places that simply accredit to the requirements of a G Clinic standard.

3) Have a standardized cost sheet

Every doctor, facility, and hospital should be required to show their standardized costs for a variety of procedures, and have a final health cost score generated. One of the biggest problem with a insurance system is that people act like everything is free, and then on the other end price gouging is common. But even with co-pays, hospital stays for minor surgery are through the roof with $2,000 for a cotton ball. By having published charts if there is a very overpriced hospital, people can look at that and make a sensible choice. Right now all pricing is opaque. That cannot continue and have an open market work. Instead we try to set maximum charges that will get paid by insurance and companies negotiate their fee structures between providers and insurance. Thats quite odd. By having public pricing, there will always be pressure on pricing to compete. Some will chose to be a high end facility and cost a bit more, others will really run a tight ship and offer a good basic service.

Currently hospitals cannot do that because of the throngs of illegals and inner city “youts” that swamp the emergency rooms. They just pass on all these costs, sometimes up to 50% of the operating cost of the hospital for these things. For the non-life threatening issues, they would be diverted to the G clinics. For the surgery/trauma emergency centers it should act how it does now, with emergency centers for the insured, and others which have longer waits for the un-insured. But without a real parallel solution to gangs and gun violence, these costs are going to be ridiculous. Sadly, the huge dysgenic breeding when government picks up the tab with disability and welfare payments makes it not only easy to be a single mother, but actually a STRATEGY by our minority population. That has to be reformed so that families which can’t afford children are not rewarded for having more of them – in the very least no additional money or priority for children (see the chapter on welfare reform).

A last part of the standardized cost sheet plan is that even for the lowest earners, there must always be a out of pocket pay even if small. Everyone must try to be frugal with their health care

4) Reform the Freebees and Protected  – Vaccines and Dialysis

The government has a program to pay for all dialysis in the nation. But many illegals and non-citizens are allowed free use of this generocity.  This has to stop this service costs $200,000 or more each year for each patient. A million illegals on dialysis costs 200 Billion a year. There simply isn’t money to provide health care for non citizens and not these luxury services. America has become the dumping ground for an entire hemisphere of poor giving them all free health care for nothing. Worse when they come here they quickly leap onto other welfare payola. Sick!

Vaccines are another big problem, causing autism in millions of children without worry or fear because the government deemed them “immune from prosecution”. Another ridiculous thing. So they have no issue pushing dozens of vaccines on children each one a pay day for big pharma while the childs brain rots out from mercury and god knows what else.

5) Tort Reform

Boring, but another strict review and caps on payouts for injuries needs to be established. Lose a leg? Lose a life? How do you set a price on life? Unfortunately the government has to step in and at least set LIMITS on payouts in lawsuits. We have tried the unrestrained model and doctors face 100k+ a year malpractice insurance fees. Another thing driving up the cost of our insurance.

6) Keep our High end hospitals

There will always be a market for good private hospitals. We don’t want government running anything. The G Clinic system is meant to augment and provide basic care. But we will always need places where the top doctors provide their magic and have the top diagnostic tools and surgical centers.

7) Elder Care Reforms and Hi Cost Care Reforms

If someone is in a coma for years and years, that is often an invitation for Hospitals to bill for millions of dollars.  There have been inability to release cases where an illegal was in a hospital and had no family to be released to, so they simply lived there for years and years and got a free bed and free food while taxpayers got a multi-million dollar bill. We need to work with hospitals and review and protect from the most egregious cases. This is a difficult area and policies should have a national board of top doctors and hospital admins to review and vote on standard limits and ways to improve.