The cold black lifeless eyes of a mind that has no concept of morality. It only seethes with hate. It has no concept of right or wrong, morality, or the sanctity of life. Just hate. Violence. Gimme.

Mustafaa Friend, Marvin White, 18; Rasheed Thompson, 16; Manije Johnson-Martin, 16; and Cornell Dewayne Haugabook Jr., 20, concocted a plan to rob a delivery driver to get free chicken wings.

Liu was 60 years old with a young child, he had worked for two years digging coal to afford the boat trip to America to make a new life. Once here he did odd jobs. Delivery driver was just one of the ways he put food on the table for his hungry family. All that changed in an instant when he encountered Americas raving black dogs who shot him down for chicken wings.

After placing an order with China King, Smith said, Friend and Haugabook, each armed with a handgun, confronted the 60-year-old man at 13th and Queen streets.

Smith said Friend shot Liu in the foot. Liu begged for his life and pleaded that he had children, for them to just take his money, the car anything. Haugabook smiled and shot him in the face, exploding his brains across the windowshield and his eyeballs flew out of the car. An empty headless body lurched forward and covered the chicken wings with blood but they took them anyways. The two returned to a nearby house and shared the food with the others. They called it “Whitey take out.” or take out food that you didn’t have to pay for.

After eating, the group, “came back to rob the body and go through the car,” said Smith. They laughed at how easy it was to kill the man and proceeded to pee all over the corpse.

The defendants lawyers asked the Friend be released on bail but the judge has refused.