It was a speech that left Trump’s supporters dumbfounded. 4000 more troops to go into afghanistan. Wait a second didn’t he promise a WITHDRAWL from Afghanistan.

It’s war war war in the Trump white house. More generals there than in the Pentagon.

He criticized Pakistan for taking our 2 billion dollars a year and still supporting terrorists. But he did NOT say that he would stop paying them billions of dollars. Nope. Nada. A whole latta nada.

So after ass reaming his supporters over and over, he went on to drone endlessly. This was not the Trump we voted for. This was a defeated Trump. “Our commitment is not unlimited” he told Afghanistan.

It’s sad. There were other smarter strategies. We could have removed our military and kept just a small group. Instead go in with people to help them rebuild and set up their own army. But like all these darkey nations, they are utter incompetents and mostly cowards sipping a paycheck and running away at the first threat.

We now know what Bannon meant when he said “it’s over”.  Sure seems like it.

It seems impossible to elect a peace candidate. Time to find a new country.

Here is Ron Paul’s take