New household formation is a key economic driver. New households need houses, cars, baby carriers, clothes, and on and on. But now we see that new household formation has basically stopped.

“Oh dey’s formin households” screamed Bradouah Washington, “Dey’s just not reporting deys households. Can’t get da Welfare ya know?”

This new strategy of not legally marrying is often required when 40 year old Mexican men marry 13 year old girls. They turn up in birthing centers when she is 14 or 15 and hes just a “friend” Nope not a household.

And then there’s the MGTOW movement, Men refusing to enter into marriage or deal with women in long term relationships because the monetary costs of getting a girl pregnant or marrying them can destroy a man’s whole life.

America’s dysgenic policies are pushing the births of low IQ dark breeds while our best and brightest get worked to death or replaced by stinky Indians with fake degrees using the H-1B visa.

Until we get some reality and step outside the bounds of political correctness our Nation will continue to see seeming impossible charts like this one.