The world’s most powerful central bankers are gathering in the US to exchange views over the myriad of problems and uncertainties they confront. But they will do their utmost not to send any clear signal to the markets.

These are your real leaders, your real masters. The real rulers of the world. And behind each person, who is just a proxy, sits a board of secret power elites – the real rulers of the world.

The stockholders of the US Central Bank (which is not part of the US it is private) are secret. The real rulers names are never told to the slaves.

Facing huge spiraling deficits colliding with rising interest rates, soon the US will be reduced to a pauper nation with no way out. Japan is already lost. And states themselves are spiraling out huge debt trying to fund billions for retirement plans for lazy government workers. Yep. It’s a shit show. Chicago is probably first on the list of major city collapses.

The US’s productivity has been tossed away, they decry our 4% unemployment rate, well thats only because 92 million are out of work.

They decry our 4% inflation rate, but that’s only because they ignore the real data which puts it at 7-12%.

Money flow, a true picture of a healthy economy, has never been lower.

USA EU Janet L. Yellen und Mario Draghi beim G7 Treffen in Sendai Japan (Getty Images/AFP/K. Nogi)

Tucked between the snow-capped Rocky Mountains in the US state of Wyoming, the sleepy small town of Jackson at first glance appears to be an unusual place to draw attention from financial market participants worldwide. But the regular gatherings here of the world’s most powerful central bankers put the place in the global spotlight.


M3 or US money supply has been growing slowly at less than 5%. It’s hardly a recovery.

Unemployment? It’s 23%.