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Gorka was fired from the FBI for Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

Gorka leaving is a big blow. Bannon was hard enough. When Bannon told us that it was “over” we thought well surely things aren’t so bad.

Encircle then corrupt. That is the generals game. And Trump has been corrupted.

He still sounds the same at the rally’s. he enjoys them. But its why he is so distraught at how bad and deep the swamp is that he is allowing kelly and others to maneuver him.

First 68 billion more for the military when our nation is 20 trillion in debt. Then rather than a pullout of Afghanistan, now 5000 more troops to go in. It’s not a lot of troops but you can bet for each formal soldier two blackwater thugs go in as well.

Its time to Trump to rip some republicans a new A-hole.  Starting with McCain.  Make it clear that he is now going to actively campaign AGAINST him. And no more funds from the RNC.

Gorka was smart and spoke well. He took down the fake News and shamed them.  They were no match for him.  We have to wait and see WHY gorka left but the appointment of Kelly probably has a lot to do it. That was a huge Trump mistake. And kelly running access to trump like a military machine and the loss of Scaramouch its all come at great cost. Why Trump is so enamored with Generals no one knows. But its a huge mistake. Generals have done nothing. Useless scum. And they haven’t been able to win a single war.

He needs to kick some RHINO butt starting with Mitch McLooser sellout supreme. Enough with these corporate payola healthcare bills. ridiculous.

Trump is all alone now, its a good thing Ivanka is there. He may have utterly lost his sanity otherwise. Now is the time to fight twice as hard not to retreat.

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