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think this guy is a wimp? think again

As soon as the Houston emergency subsides (Houston is underwater from hurricane Harvey) there will be a shift to focus on North Korea’s recent missile launches. Basically Kim isn’t stopping. He isn’t listening. And he doesn’t care.

Tillerson is under pressure from the generals. They want their war. Bannon, Gorka out. Presumably Ivanka will argue against going to war. Trump fed the savage dogs afghanistan which is already rubble so who cares. Just wasted dollars. 4k soldiers isn’t much.

It may have been a piece of meat. It will satisfy them but not for long.

Tillerson is talking peace. That won’t be tolerated. But will he be fired? Doubtful. Tillerson is quite strong. Unless he foots in mouth then he will stay on.  he knows we are about to blast Kim. He just wont talk about it.

What would a first limited strike on kim look like? The main thing is hitting his reactor and missile supplies.

We will see. But ignore the reports of Tillerson out. Aint happenin