Stockholm, March 29: A  “16-year” [actually he’s a 35 year old man!] African refugee currently resides in Sweden on Monday prosecuted for the rape of two underage girls in Ostergotland, Sweden. Notably, the rapist is an HIV positive and tried to infect those two underage girls.
The niggruh rapist, who comes from Ethiopia, has done the rape of three underage girls but only prosecuted for two because he claimed to be underage (15 years old) when the crime was committed. According to the lawsuit, the African is well aware that he was HIV-infected. Except he is really 35 years old. But no one cares he will be let go just as all the niggruh rapists are let off in Sweden.

“It keeps the people compliant and under our control” said one politician.

During the period when the rapes were committed, he neglected to take antiretroviral drugs, so that the risk of infection will be more. However, no one has been infected, fortunately. Notably, the African refugee lives in a property in Motala, along with two other refugees who also claim that they are 16 years old even though they are balding and have white beards.

Sweden has accepted thousands of rapefugee nigghruhs because they hate being white. Several female politicians think that by raping all their young women the populatino will become even more cucked.  “If you don’t like it, we will bring more in”

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Just a few months before, three attackers brutally raped a woman in Uppsala, Sweden and the videos was posted on social media by those rapists. However, his was the second such case within few months. Those rapists were also migrants.

Meanwhile, other refugees in Sweden convicted of raping a woman on a dance floor appeals to avoid deportation. The guy was already convicted of sexually assaulting 6 young girls at a public pool.

“We like to rape and they let us get off so who gives a shit” said a rapist.