China, or Chyna as Trump calls it, is a big mess for American business. It is a snake.

The way they suck away our innovation is simple. they simply require chinese to have 51% ownership in every business. They learn all our trade secrets, and they Chinese people in the company do one of several horrific things.

  1. They produce overruns for themselves and sell them dirt cheap. Nike sneakers from the real Nike production line, but half price and sold in dirty Malaysian street corridors
  2. They take the technology and innovation, and start a new factory with a new name
  3. They throw the Americans out, They simply re-open the factory and keep producing, either under the old brand name or their own new one.  Or they steal the equipment and techniques, management philosophy, workers, etc.

None of this is good for American industries. Those eco-tech engines that we invested billions in developing are starting to show up in Chinese cars.  Industrial espionage from chinese americans is another huge problem. This is especially common with Chip companies. Many Taiwan, Korean, and Chinese nationals are stopped at our border leaving with chip design plans to take to the fabs.

You see, asians while they may be industrious, are not very creative. They lack the new ideas. And frankly its much easier just to steal them for the west. Since American companies can’t discriminate against chinese “us citizens” or green card holders, they are helpless. Stricter controls and background checks, lie detector tests for critical positions, and looking for family ties in the “old country” should all be warning signs before bringing these people into your tech country. But it’s never done even on government SECRET research.

Cybersecurity software to prevent hacks like when Seth Rich copied all the raw email archives from the DNC server to his flash drive. No it wasn’t russians.  Well modern security software should look out for this.

So, until Chyna drops the 51% rule, we should manufacture in Taiwan or South Korea and import into China for that market. Or better still manufacture in America. Until we can fully figure out how to make American’s competitive, export industries should get competitive offsets for keeping their business in America. When American Steel,  Furniture, Textiles, and other industries were being utterly decimated, at least for two or three years until we can better figure out how to get our competitiveness up, they should get direct help. This is much better than paying farmers not to grow corn.

Such a program would be difficult and rife with fraud. It would have to be looked at carefully and assistance should focus on the smaller producers who are being shut out of markets by cheap imported goods. The 10% “security fee” (see other chapter) will also help offset.  (in the case of china it would be at least 20% because of their terrible labor practices and lack of protection for copyright and patents).  If China is going to keep printing mickey mouse t-shirts, well the mouse is going to get screwed.

Another important thing is we need to get out of the WTO court system for complaints it has been shown time and time again to be very biased against America yet def when we have problems. No problems need to go country for country.  The big globalist systems have not helped all they have done is let other countries run ramshod over us.

There should be light at the end of the rainbow with China, we are a huge trading partner for them and our markets are important to them. Even as we add security fees and penalties to their imports, they will not withdraw. People fear tariff wars, but that just closes markets altogether, it is unlikely for them to last long. And if they do, the free market will simply open the door to other producers and markets. So it never pays to be difficult. But for America to protect itself and start fighting back, it’s definitely time  to start getting tougher and not giving them free open access to our markets any longer.

Half of NYC used to be the garment industry. No more. And the new jobs have not materialized. So what to do.