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by James Tolkenson

IAWSAR because  I look on in horror at my historicaly 90% Europanic nation now having fallen to 70% with the majority of births in many cities recorded as non-europanic

IAWSAR because my nation is on a doomsday course that by 2050 it will be majority non-Europanic which means massive crime rape poverty and most likely the utter destruction of the nation

IAWSAR because the extinction of the Europanic race will mean the end of achievement for mankind. Nearly all invention has come from Europanics and western civilization.  Our world will regress to a planet of the apes jungle as post colonial african colonies are doing today, unable to operate their sewage systems – “white mans juju” – they shit in the streets

IAWSAR because we were the only race that was a force for good, ending barbarism, ending slavery, offering equal rights for women and even degenerate minorities. All we asked was the rule of law but that was apparently too much.

IAWSAR because I believe that every race deserves a homeland where they can thrive and propser. China for the Chinese. Japan for the Japanese. Africa for the Africans. Mongolia for the Mongels. Europe and America for the Europanics. But Europanics are denied a homeland because … gibs me dat…. because   wes gots de welfare  … because the lower loser races having destroyed their current lands which are rich with mineral wealth, oil, and rich soils for growing food find themselves in deserts and rocks with shit on the ground and want to come live off Europanic’s people sweat.

IAWSAR because the dark races are flawed with wars and corruption and have never built successful civilized cities and societies.  And they bring that with them wherever they go warring even among themselves in new lands

IAWSAR because the dark races are rapists and prey on our women in huge incredulous numbers where gangs of 20 to 100 men drag a solitary female into an alley and beat her senseless then rape her for days pounded all her holes full of ejaculate so that she is utterly destroyed and can barely continue living.  This dark sickness is in their genetics and cannot be solved.

If that means I am a white supremacist and racist, because I am against the extinction of my race and the rape of my women then so be it. Europanics cannot have pride in their race, cannot have a homeland, and cannot have their taxes and charity support only their racial peoples.  Europanics must support all the degenerate races and let their people die. I’m not buying it. I’m not buying any of it. We have Black Lives Matters (or black thugs murder as I call them), La Raza – a group for hispanic races.  The ADL which is a hate group for jewish pride. But not Europanics, not the inventors and creators of our modern world, not for the mostly peaceful kind charitable nation building people.  And groups like StormFront get shut down for “Hate” when basically they are saying only Europanics are hateful when they are pro their own race.

I am not for the EXTINCTION of my people.  I am ANTI-GENOCIDE of my race and against all the sick political madness which is driving that end. That is NOT racism, that is race-realism, understanding the scientific and cultural differences in races driven by their genetic difference. It is NOT skin deep. It is GENE deep.  How can it be hate to be against genocide? I do not believe that. I believe instead that the other races have become deeply parasitic once embedded in Europanic nations and immediately call any attempt of the native peoples to defend themselves “HATE”.  This is why ANTIFA calls every conservative who looks at the long term picture and says “This handout to the other races is not sustainable we are broke”, well they call that Nazi and Racist hate. In fact it is the ANTIFA that is the hate group.

What is ANTIFA? They are mongrels who believe in “Open Borders” that America should just welfare to the whole world feed everyone give everyone free housing and to close the border and have immigration rules is RACIST.  They are the blacks who believe they are suffering and can’t get ahead because of WHITE RACISM rather than their poor genetics and low IQ. Even Kolin Kapernik who earned 30 million dollars by age 29 is so offended by white racism holding him back that he wouldn’t stand for the national anthem.  This form of madness is a direct result of malformed brains incapable of logic or higher order thinking. It’s no wonder that blacks cannot pass algebra. It is the first time in their lives they are required to enable abstract thinking and for 99.99% they are incapable of it.  And what about the White Antifa? What is their excuse? Well, there are low IQ whites as well.

The White IQ curve is the broadest, with many dumb, but also many geniuses. Sadly for the dumb class, they are easy prey for LEFT-THINK and gullible. I myself thought the same about South AFrica. I thought, OK let them have south africa, let them PROVE finally they are the equal of the white man. Nope, in just a few years it became the rape capital of the world and the violence capital of the world, all the beauty in the parks was all ripped bare, shit and litter was everywhere.  I would not say that the handing over of South AFrica to the blacks was a bad thing. It was a necessary proof. And now we have our conclusion – the race is simply incapable. They may make great musicians, sprinters, but not free and productive societies.

Antifa has a large portion of the single women who get welfare handouts and will be on the dole. It is literally the Gibs-Me-Dat society raging against the working class. It’s frightening and should be declared a terrorist gang. They are literally hoping to push a welfare state by beating up anyone who speaks for the non-thug working middle class which happen to be mostly Europanic Americans.

So what to do? Well the very first thing is to stop the genocide. That means an immigration TIME OUT and policies to stop the dysgenic births. That means ending the welfare rewards for having more and more children, ending the section 8 housing handouts.  Let’s give everyone who earns 60k or less $600 a month. No administration. Just a free handout.  But its fair it’s not race based. We don’t have all the different programs – food stamps snap, welfare, disability. No just one simple amount. It doesn’t change if you have 10 children.

It will never happen.  because you can’t help europanic americans. nope.  $183 bucks in food aid for 3 months, and only once every three years. But that’s not the deal that blacks get or hispanics get. That’s the deal I got when I was out of work. After a million in paid taxes, when I needed help the government wasn’t there at all. I felt like I had been raped paying all those taxes all those years. It goes against every principal of sane society. And we have gotten there out of white hate.

There need to be financial rewards for marriage and births if you are at a top 200 college or university. These are the people we WANT to reproduce. Instead most often they forego children and are worked to death. Men catch up in their 40s and finally try to reproduce but in many cases they are just too exhausted to have kids. This whole pattern needs to be looked at.

Secondly, we need to establish a nation for our Race. Israel did it and no one objected (except the Palestineans).  Find a medium sized island would be the best choice. Move the inhabitants off to the nearby coastal lands, and set up enough arms to defend it against anyone. At least, if the rest of the world goes mad, and America and Europe do become majority negroid in 30 years, there would be a place where invention and creation could continue. Where the spark of humanity could carry on and advance.

And if we do not do these things? Well just rent a planet of the apes movie.  Never again will an advanced society flourish. We have seen this happen to Egypt, To India, everytime the Europanic race is mixed with negroid genes the Europanic higher abilities is driven out.  Tell that the ANTIFA they won’t like to hear it. But it’s the historical truth.