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Malia’s SAT scores are a state secret. Most likely because if they got out how poorly she did after all those years of the finest prep schools in the nation people would be furious that she got into Harvard.

Her dad managed a 30 on the ACT, basically average-dumb. A top score is 34-36. And michelle states she scored even lower so didn’t even think of applying to an ivy league school until Barak told her “Naw sugh, just apply you’re black so you get in! ” and he was right. Ok that’s not an exact quote. But that was the sentiment.

Well if she managed a 1,300 SAT she did better than George Bush who only got a 1206. Bush would be embarrassed except that John Kerry only managed a 1190.

1190 truly is rock level SAT. No sign of genius there. Kerry argues, HEY I only got an 1190, but look at Bill Clinton’s 1032!

Now 1032 is basically what you score if you guess at all the answers. It’s pretty low. But not as low as A-Rod who only scored a 910.  to get a 910 you have to guess at all the answers, but score even lower than the laws of averages would give you.

Yes, dumb connected people have been succeeding in life with little regards to intelligence or ability. Coming from a elite family is much more important.

Even among blacks, there is some competition to get into Harvard. Unlike the 1550-1600 scores normally required by white students, blacks can get in scoring only 1300. That’s great for a black person.