Army vehicle gets stuck in Houston floodwaters – then a monster truck drives up
YEE HAW – Swamp Bellies and Hill Billies GET ER DONE when even the military bogs down!

Trump got blasted by democrats all week for not having “empathy”.

He didn’t cuddle victims.

He didn’t Hug babies.

Oh the horror.

Instead, he organized the most successful hurricane relief effort for one of the biggest hurricane disasters in history.

He didn’t go to the actual flooding sites they screamed in horror.

No he didn’t. The amount of resources and disturbance that the president injects when he goes ANYWHERE is staggering.  Units for protection, security, planes, caravans. The last thing he wanted to do was gum up the mix.

Instead he simply said “What do you need”

He also told FEMA to get the hell out of the way.  In Katrina FEMA insisted they were in charge and blocked citizens from helping.

Now we have the SWAMP NAVY – people from gator country in Arkansaw, Louisiana all in their wonderful flat bottom boats. Some even have the huge Air boats with the giant fans. Others brought monster trucks! A video is going around showing these hillbillies pulling huge government trucks from the muck with a monster truck screaming YEEEE HAW! Now that’s AMERICA!

Houston is a poor city. Many of the blacks from Katrina resettled there. Many Hispanics and illegals reside. The city is only 30% white. But once again, it was the white population who were out there saving everyone, pulling 300 pound black women out of the waters. The poor races have a learned helplessness especially when government – their provervial tit – dries up. Or floods as the case may be.

The lessons from all this are huge. We don’t need a George Bush kissing babies show. We needed action. And if the leader is strong and not afraid, so will the people be.

God Bless America, swamp bellies and all.