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We throw Americans in the Street and import our Low IQ Indians to Replace them. Ha Ha Ha!

Stop the genocide of american software engineers due to the h-1b visa. 8 million foreign tech works is too much.

Created by P.M. on September 1, 2017

America has been granting between 245,000 and 550,000 H-1B visas each year to foreign workers even though there are no new technology jobs since 2000. Over Eight MILLION foreign tech workers have flooded the nation plus their wives who also are allowed to work. Yet there are no new jobs. Each H-1B hired is an American kicked to the curb. They have driven down wages and caused 90% unemployment for American engineers. This is genocide. Worse, most of these have fake degrees, fraudulent resumes, and cheat. It is an outrage. American engineers have literally been blowing their brains out and no one cares. Reduce the number to 20,000 a year, raise the fee to $50,000 for each for worker, and make sure funds for retraining out of work American engineers goes to them for the courses they need!