The ridiculous interpretation of the 14th amendment that says that every illegal alien that poops out a baby creates and American Citizen must be righted. Calling these criminals Americans is orthogonal to all we believe as Americans.

It’s been a creeping socialism, we never had 80 million illegals residing in the nation before, it never seemed like such a big deal when most people born in America were Americans. That is no longer the case.  Even Socialist FRANCE overturned their birthright citizenship in the 1960s.  Why is America so stupid to get raped like this?

But it’s a tricky fish to fillet. How do we get back to sanity.

First, a birth certificate is NOT citizenship. It is simply a statement of birth. We need a different document to distinguish citizenship, and that should be the social security card and passport.

Sadly, we can’t fix the mess that has already ocurred. We just have to lump it and swallow the 80 million illegals aready here. But we do need to turn things around because the ship of state is sinking and fast.

So it’s easy really. Issue a policy to the Social Security Administration and to the Passport offices that people must prove either that:

  1. One of their parents or both are US Citizens
  2. They have been granted citizenship through our naturalization process

Americans would have five years to request replacement SSA cards and up to ten years (the normal expiration time) for new passports. And these new documents would clearly be stamped “citizen”

But the current social security card is just a piece of paper. It needs to be upgraded to a plastic card with a chip encoding the users photo and other physical data to prevent fraud.  Even encode the fingerprint data.  That is already the standard in passports (although it isn’t clear if they use fingerprint data yet, that should be the new standard to get a passport).

Let’s not forget to review existing passports as they are documents of citizenship. They can be electronically disabled. 90 day review letters should be sent out first notifying the person that they need to provide documentation that they are citizens – aka proof of citizenship of one of their parents – or their passport will be deactivated and they will be required to submit their passport back to the government.

Now after the president issues the directive, there is always a chance in the future that a looney leglislature run by communist Demothugs who want to let the whole third world in to vote for more handouts will undo this. So a parallel bill must be fought for to make the changes “permanent” … well at least until another bill comes through.

Finally, we have to change our policy of letting the executive branch getting overruled by the judicial on matters of national security, and this is one of those as was the 7 nations barred from visas order.  Simply put, until overturned by the supreme court formally, the presidents order stands. There simply cannot be low level circuit court judges shutting down the president on issues of national security.  Tell them, fine, you made a ruling, we are appealing, and until its decided the EO stands. It hasn’t gone that way and one can’t be sure why. It just takes backbone.  Worst case, just re-issue the same order every single day if need be. It will be enforced at thread of job loss or prison terms.

There are a few parallel steps that need to be taken. The most egregious one is the order that banks are allowed to offer accounts to non-citizens.  Green card holders should be allowed to open bank accounts. People on long term visas should be allowed to open accounts for the duration of their legal visa. But all accounts, the millions upon million s of accounts opened for illegal alien invaders should be told that they have 90 days to collect their funds before the account will be closed.  After closed, the invaders may still collect their funds for up to a year, but the account, visa and debit cards cannot be used.

Stopping this abuse of birthright citizenship is more important than ever. It’s not complicated what to do. It may be unpleasant to tell people the truth – that we are a sovereign nation. So be it.