In picture after picture we are shown little children. “What would Jesus do?” we are asked. How can anyone be against poor little dreamers. EXCEPT. It’s not.

It’s not the truth. Dreamers are those “31 years and younger as of 2012” which means add another 5 to that for 2017 and its 37 year olds today.  Except It’s not.

You see in latin America they easily get fake birth certificates. A few years too old for DACA? Just shave that off by getting a new birth certificate. Now you are a 45 year old “Dreamer”

What is the thinking person’s solution to the Dreamers? Well first let’s examine the non-dreamer children, those supposedly “citizens by birth”.  Except, It’s not.

You see the 14th amendment doesn’t say you can sneak into a country, swim across rivers, climb under barbed wire fences, give birth and PRESTO an American. It doesn’t say anything of the sort. The key phrase is “Subject to the jurisdiction of (the usa)”.  A Mexican national is not a subject of the USA nor subject to it’s jurisdiction, except, to be thrown out as a criminal invader or welcomed on a visa. Except, It’s not. Things are far worse.

So the first step for DACA and Dreamers is reform for this misinterpretation of the 14th amendment, which is the PRIMARY SWINDLE to get free welfare handouts to illegal alien children. WORSE, they qualify for $6,500 dollars in the ridiculous fraudulent insane program called the Earned Income Tax Credit.  Even more incredulous, and climbing under that barbed wire fence, they get to back claim it for Two ADDITIONAL YEARS. That’s a $20,000 Thank you from the left for sneaking into america and puking out  little illegal alien babies.  Except, It’s not. It’s much much worse than that.

It’s THREE free meals a day for every family member even in summertime. It’s free medical care costing tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. It’s $1500 a month in LA to babysit your neighbors kids, while your neighbor gets $2000 a month for babysitting yours. The handouts and left commie liberal sickness because “Money is endless” and there are infinite resources seem endless. It would be a 100 page article to even try to list all of it.

Is America so flush with cash? Let’s see… we run a trillion dollar deficeit each year, are over 20 trillion in debt, and have over 220 billion in unfunded liabilities. Social Security, flooded by diabled leftie half wits, kids with lisps, and other horrors like blacks with average black IQ automatically qualifying as “learning disabled” all getting free handouts to the tune of 92 MILLION AMERICANS NOT WORKING. Yah, there’s endless money. That’s why Social Security for the first time is running a net DRAIN of hundreds of billions on the US budget and they are going to have to increase the Social Security tax rate AGAIN on the struggling middle class.

Money is not endless. As a nation we are starting to look like the third world. Not to mention the overcrowding, slum cities, and clogged highways. Being on a path that would double our population in 30 years is INSANE.

So what to do about Dreamers. And Non-Dreamers. None of these kids of illegal aliens should be here. We need to deport the whole families, including the NON-registered marriage fathers who are here also, but don’t declare their marriags so the wifes can apply for welfare. sick.  Deport the whole lot of them.

What’s the Executive to do? Well certainly ending all renewals for DACA is the right path.  But also issue a directive to the social security and passport agencies and inform them that birth in the nation does NOT construe citizenship unless ONE PARENT is a US Citizen. It’s that simple. An executive order. If congress wants to pass a law and challenge that order, they can try. Better yet, have the Republicans codify that policy into law. The Demothugs will oppose it. As communists, half of their voters are illegal aliens and they are counting on them all getting daca and birthright citizenship. Another reason to nip it in the bud.

So don’t let them tell you its what Jesus would do. Jesus never ran a country. Jesus lived in an occupied nation. We are a free nation. It doesn’t follow we should behave how Jesus did. Jesus would worry about the quality of life of HIS NATIONS PEOPLE, the starving poor huddled masses. And realize that a huge stream of invaders who are just coming to be parasites should not be tolerated.

So let’s deport all of them. Start by canceling DACA renewals just let the mess time out.  What are the DACAns to do? Just cross the border and leave. Then apply for an official visa to be in the USA. There are many visas you can get to work here legally. it’s that simple no need for tears. It’s only because they want the free welfare that they fight so hard and act so upset. Screw them.

And don’t forget what the DACAns really look like. It’s not the tear jerking picture above. Let’s take a look:

Image result for ms 13 gangs

Image result for ms 13 gangs