No Trump, No Hate, No KKK

Err however their dumb chant goes.  Many people believe the news images that the bulk of people who were there were “Nazis” but let’s look at the pictures.

First we have this rather provocative one of someone in a full on KKK uniform. Except, look closer, he’s BLACK! Most people were carrying CONFEDERATE flags, not nazi!

We also see the celtic cross symbol. Again, not Nazi but IRISH. Christian.

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We also find One member in KKK regalia, a skinny bearded white guy surrounded by heavy police.


It looks like a very cheaply made hood. Behind him, another in Purple.  All together, maybe FIVE? And I haven’t heard any official announcement of their names or which group they are supposed to be, it would not surprise me one bit to find out they were actually LEFTIST agents creating a pretext for violence.

But the KKK is not Nazi. So let’s keep trying.

Here is a guy with a Nazi armband. Finally a real Nazi! Wait, actually its just Joe Salis testing out what would happen if he wore a Nazi arm band. He’s not a nazi. (see

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The last bit of evidence I could find was ONE GUY in green carrying the Nazi flag. Come on this has to be a leftist provoking. Has to be.

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Conclusion: No real Nazis at the Unite the Right Ralley in Charlottesville. Maybe 3-5 KKK dipshits who shouldnt have been there and the rally wasn’t for them, and two or three leftie infiltrators trying to create a pretext for the violence. If 4Chan would identify the guy with the flag please, then we might be able to state that with a bit more assuredness