While Trumps steps to revoke the DACA card and send the 50 year old dreamer thugs packing, what about the illegal fetus vomit that they dare to call US citizens?

This is a much bigger problem than dreamers.

In the end, there can be only one. OK just teasing I stole that from Highlander. No seriously, unless you have one US Citizen parent when you are born, sorry, you are just a bunch of fetus vomit that should get flushed or thrown over the wall.

The 14th amendment says nothing of the sort that all these illegal fetus vomits get free citizenship. It just happened that people were dumb and stupid and the social security agency got lazy. Oh sure you were born here I guess that makes you a citizen, here’s your social security number.

What the hell were they thinking! Birth does NOT convey citizenship. Not EVER. All of these social security cards should be revoked, given 90 days to prove that they have a US citizen parent, or get the hell out.

But they only speak English how with the precious 50 year old darlings ever survive in Mehicao? The moms should have thought of that before sneaking into a nation illegally and fetus vomiting all over foreign soil.

It’s not a problem, they can all get MEXHICANO citizenship because their parents are Mehicanos or Hispanicanos. So… just fucking leave already.