Homes of the rich and famous in the path of hurricane Irma

It started Jaggin on Jaggers palatial mansion house on Mustique. They Oprah’s Antigua mansion was pummeled.

Richard Branson huddled in his wine cellar shooting dice and drinking a 100 year old Malbec as the house above was blasted away completely on his private island near Necker. “At least the wine won’t go to waste” said the refuse to leave Branson.

Keith Richards and Bruce Willis hunkered down for the Turks and Caicos House that was smashed to pieces by the winds.

And now magician David Copperfield’s private island is getting wind blown.

“We were told these were safe and secure spots to retire” said an aid exasperated “but clearly few millionaires and billionaires feel safe tonight. All the money in the world can’t stop a hurricane!”

Richards commented that it might have been “a bit windy” last night in his typical british brogue. One advantage of years of drug use is that not much phases you anymore.

Johnny Depp was apparently not home as he was visiting the Witch Queen in Tortuga. No word from his ship.

Eddie Murphy’s private island off Miami is now under threat. “Save the Transsexuals!” he screamed chasing the big hipped floozies with frantic arms in the air.