In a meeting with GOP and Democratic leaders, in which Trump sided with the Democrats on a fiscal deal to raise the debt ceiling, the president said he believes the votes are unproductive, those people said.

With Congress set to lift the debt ceiling into December as part of the deal, Trump floated the idea that the next time Congress votes to raise the debt ceiling, it could be the last.

He said conversations should happen over the next three months, according to people in the room.

President Trump has now added his thoughts, telling reporters “we have great respect for the sanctity of the debt ceiling,” as he meets with Emir of Kuwait. “There are a lot of good reasons” to get rid of debt ceiling altogether, Trump says, adding that he discussed it with congressional leaders yesterday, and adding that “there will never be a problem” on the debt ceiling.

The problem is, we are ONE TRILLION DOLLARS overbudget each and every year. Half that is our warmongering and the other half is our welfare whoremongering. We need to stop BOTH.

But there is no political will to do it. So they just debase the currency.  This is bad. In the end its like playing hot potato with a lit stick of dynamite – its gotta blow up eventually.

What to do? We need taxes on imports (a security fee of 10%) if you wanna play in the biggest homogenous economy in the world you need to pay.  We need taxes on security trading to get the upper class to pay in.

We need to reform welfare and disability so you don’t get a lot if you’ve never paid in. And you don’t get more for having children.  Yes after paying taxes for 20 years you should get a hell of a lot of help if you need it for a short term. But the USG says $183 bucks a month, for 3 months, once every 3 years. WTF! That’s not at all the deal I expected after the million dollars in taxes I paid. All went to ghetto whore niglets I guess.

We need to directly issue 500B a year against the debt to pay it down.  It’s only about 16 trillion so 32 years. But … and hers the gotcha, we have to have a balanced budget FIRST.

If there’s a whip… theres a way.