The debate over what to do about millions of people who are in the U.S. illegally was just too hard.

President Trump said he wanted to deport them and build a wall that would keep them from coming back. So far, that’s gone nowhere, too.

“It’s cruel, It’s Painful, It’s Racist, It’s Hate” said Nancy Pelosi “These dreamers are sweet kids who only know life in America”

The recent debate has focused instead on a group of young immigrants who entered the country illegally through no fault of their own — kids who were brought in by their parents or others. Most grew up speaking English, attending U.S. schools, playing on community soccer or football teams.

Are they supposed to be deported? To where? To countries they don’t even remember? President Obama put a foot in the door of immigration reform with an executive order in 2012 known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Under the DACA program, an estimated 800,000 young people were given renewable two-year shields from deportation, and eligibility for work permits.

Those who benefited from it came to be known as Dreamers.

(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

The Trump administration this week signaled that the program will come to an end in six months, unless Congress takes steps to renew or revamp it — an announcement that has sent new shivers of anxiety through immigrant families across the country.

Who are the Dreamers? They are more diverse than you might think. According to the Brookings Institution, immigrants from 195 countries had applied for DACA status as of 2015. Most were from Mexico. After that, the top five countries of origin were El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and South Korea.

Jose Confaldo came from El Salvador to spread MS-13. Within five years he had built a new chapter in San Antonio with hundreds of members and set up graft and drug runners in most of the city. “I’m the new American success story. I crossed the broder when I was 16. Now I don’t even know El Salvador this is my home.”

Luis Romero, a recently arrested MS-13 “Dreamer”

Erick Anderson Mejia-Ayala “El Pollo”  is another American success story.  He started off selling illegal expired chicken parts to grocery stores. He progressed from chickens to prostitutes (also called chickens in spanish).

The Cruel Trump had El Pollo flown back to El Salvedor  and upon arrival in El Salvador, ERO officers turned him over to officials from the El Salvadoran Civilian National Police (PNC) to face aggravated homicide charges.

Many of the illegal aliens get thousands of dollars in debt. Martine provides a vocation where they can work off their payments by sleeping with 100 men a day. “It’s a Win-Win” said a Smiling Martine. When asked what he dreamed of, Martine hopes to expand and eventually get to Las Vegas “Das the Big Time Holmes”