The new discussions on the debt limit are troubling.  No talk on balancing the budget only spending endlessly. The welfare handout single mom and degenerate races Demothugs are all for handouts and endless spending. They call it “not being cruel” while crashing the dollar system.

We need a budget which has new revenue streams MUCH bigger than the small tax cuts.

We need a AMT on businesses with sales over 100M.  No longer can GE and BIG OIL pay no taxes. 5% taxes MINIMUM.

We need a universal security fee on imports. 10% is a start.

We need a base financial transaction fee. 0.3 % is a start.

Then on top of that, we need to cut the handout welfare state.  Two principles:

1) If you haven’t paid in taxes of a certain amount and time, you get a copper scale payout. If you are middle class and have paid large taxes for years you get a silver level payout when you need help, and if you are upper-middle and find yourself in need, you get a gold level payout. No more can people just jump onto welfare spit out four babies and get thousand dollar payola. No longer can we support the EIC which is RIFE with FRAUD (200 Million paid to one address!). Obama ordered officials to look the other way on fraud if the name was Hispanic!

2) No more additional benefits if you have more children. That is a dysgenic policy. If you have fewer children or none then your benefit will go further.

But to restore FAITH in our market for bond purchasers, we must move to a balanced budget and RESTORE GLASS STEAGALL.  Give the big six banks ONE YEAR to fully separate their investment houses from their banking.  The FDIC depositor insurance fund cannot be used to bail out bad investments in the next crash. This SHOULD BE TRUMPS #! PRIORITY.

With these steps we will show we can balance the budget within 2 years and restore fiscal solvency to the banks. If not, at some point, the dollar will simply  burn up and become value-less.

Unfortunately, it’s a close your eyes and run forwards towards the cliff.

Listen to Oh Schiff on High for the Truth