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America was about innovation. But the leftists took over the schools. Changed the tests. A D on the SAT became a C. Everyone got gold stars for showing up, some kids even got paid. A cultural marxist view crept in, the sick disaster of the Frankfort school which fled Nazi germany and set up shop at the University of Chicago. The legacy of Horkheimer and Marcuse, the difficult Adorno Minima Moralia. And as more universities got built for the dumb so they could get that gold star also, a deep sickness infected everything.

“We’re all gold stars We’re all gold stars” screamed the dumb mob joyfully. “Hey wait a minute, I want the same job as that Europanic person who is smart and works hard. I have a gold star why don’t I get everything”

The sports players were even worse, arguing that crude ball passing was worth 5-10 million dollars a year. And still Europanics paid for it all with debt credit from the jewish-oligopoly-rockefeller bank that was established by the terrible communist Wilson in 1913, the same year we got the slave tax.

Remember, the serfs revolted over the 24% taxation and the American Colonies revolted over a 4% tax. Today it’s 50% right up the butt if you are a struggling barely middle class. Have no fear, those dollars will buy the best computers and iPads for the frighteningly illiterate non-Europanics pretending to go to school, pretending to go to college, and if we are lucky, pretending to work jobs. A gift from the Kennedy Killer LB Johnson who handed non-Europanics TRILLIONS (estimated at 10 trillion so far)  in exchange that they would stop being uppity and get with the program. But they never did. In fact, it only made matters worse, much much worse. Flush with free money for single moms from 16 to the grave, their percent of the population increased from 10 to 14 percent. Crime went up until we finally had to put over 3 million into our prison systems. And even then there are still over 300,000 black on white rapes while the reciprocal number is about zero.  Black on white shootings are 22 times the white on black number. So much for Black lives matter, more like Black Thugs Murder if you ask me.

In the black and immigrant communities things got worse. Frustrated with Detroit’s black workers and their ridiculous union handouts, Detroit moved to Mexico. The unions did not defend reasonableness, instead they demanded the whole hog. And eventually American factories responded.  Worse, with Mama government paying for every single mom marriage rates dropped to near zero for blacks. A new strategy emerged, get knocked up three times before even finishing (or dropping out) of high school to get the good housing. For the blacks and hispanics, anything “non-white” handouts were flush. The workers staffing the social programs were required to speak spanish and all too often down and out Europanic Americans got little aid. Rampant anti-white discrimination spread through the assistance programs, access to discount housing, and in the end there was little that could be done to reverse the trend. Like the Adults in Spirited away gorging on food and turning into pigs, the sickness spread.

On the other side, government did everything it could possibly do to work against those working hard and trying hard to succeed. They flooded America with 8 million Indian and chinese workers – mostly with fake degrees and fake resumes – in order to throw America’s best and brightest in the streets. This deep sickness could not be imagined in Stalin’s world but it happened in America. Nothing less than total genocide of our brilliant class. An no one cared not even Trump.

For entrepreneurs the first thing they looked at was SBA loans. Oh you have to personally guarantee those and if your company goes bankrupt you lose everything. But it was great for Pakistanis and Indians who flooded in and opened 7-11s and gas stations. If they go belly up, they just go back home with squirreled away money and their cousin comes in try their luck with another SBA loan.  Buying up cheap hotels, quickie marts, all this invasion of foreigners was driven by the free sba dollars. If you are a non citizen, bankruptcy means nothing.

Venture capitalists also went nuts, seeking only BILLION dollar outcomes and UNICORNS, rather than funding the innovation in America.

The DOE and DOT programs for innovation were all targeted ONLY FOR EXISTING AUTO MANUFACTURERS OR EXISTING NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS. Deals like Elon Musk are rare. And Obama’s Solyndra. All political handouts. For the average inventor, you’ll get nothing.

And all of this left the nation with a gap. And real innovation ended. And we became 20-40 years behind modern nations.  Trump talks up a infrastructure bill, but its really just for patches over our crumbling nation.  Without funds for real innovation and respecting our inventors and engineers, America is basically dead. Like African colonies that could no longer understand how to run their sewage systems, there’s shit on the ground.  America is dying.

We run a 4 Trillion dollar budget with a 3 Trillion income.  500B is lost to endless war, military, and 27 agencies that spy on us for no reason in violation of the 4th amendment. The other 500B in shortfall is the welfare handouts which are not sustainable. We have given the poor who scam the welfare system so much that they lead better than middle class lives, in bigger and nicer apartments, with endless food budgets to HIPPO-ize many of them, and they never work a day in their lives. Most prefer the disability system and the average black qualifies just for breathing. Their 85 IQ makes them “learning disabled”. presto free dollars for their genetic deficiency.  But we aren’t allowed to say that it’s racist.  There was a murder of a woman in expensive washington D.C. and the black man had lost his wife. It was shocking to see they lived in a high end townhouse. He inadvertantly blurted out that both of them were on disability so they got over 3,000 a month.

Or we have the Mexicans who sneak across the border with children and file for the Earned Income Tax Credit. One address filed for 400 million in benefits. And got it. Obama ordered them not to investigate. But even the legal claim – 6,500 a year, for 3 years, is a 20,000 paycheck for invasion. sickening.

Or we have the black farmers of Manhatten who got 200,000 dollars for loan discrimination even if a loan application was never filed. They never had to swear an oath on paper either, just fill out the form. Free money. When hispanics heard of this they were outraged, and quickly legislation was passed to give them the same deal.

America is broke and deeply broken. And it’s going to require a hell of a change to turn this around. And there is no political will for that change. So we steam forward steadily towards dollar collapse unable to support 20 Trillion in debt we are rushing towards 25 Trillion. As interest rates MUST go higher, that 30 Trillion debt, well it will end up costing us 50% of our tax revenues. Can you imagine trying to run your household when your credit card bills, just the interest, is half your paycheck? That is where we are headed. A situation so bad, it will be a snowball going down hill with ZERO possibility of escape.

Today, there is a chance to restructure.  But no political will. because the population is dumb. Because GibsMeDat. Because VAgina.  Marriage is now destroyed by psycho family courts who hunt men and destroy them financially. Because Vagina.  Everything is on the absolute edge. The government lies about 1% inflation (really its 8-10%) and how your wage being the same as 20 years ago is just fine, when actually you are earning only 30% as much in inflation adjusted dollars, is criminal.  The GDP lie that we have 2% growth is another inflation hack, the reality is we have been at great depression levels for GDP and Unemployment (actually much worse!) for SEVENTEEN YEARS – since the 2000 collapse. But if people actually KNEW that there would be outrage.

The deficient races have to be reformed. The attempt to elevate them to Europanic standards is unaffordable. Wasted billions on education, housing. and for Chrissake when on earth will we tie fertility control to welfare handouts? We could create that technology easily. But we don’t. Because well… Vagina…. because …. BrownSkin.   We throw away our brilliant Europanic engineers because… BrownSkin.   Decry it you are Racist.  Our whole nation is being utterly destroyed so to hell with it Race REALISM is NOT WRONG. DISCUSSING what is REALLY HAPPENING when it is a SCAM and an ABUSE and a HORROR against hard working Americans of all races IS NOT RACISM it is FACT it is OUR REALITY and if we fail to respond because vagina because BrownSkin then our nation will SURELY DIE. AND WILL NEVER EXIST AGAIN ON THIS EARTH A FREE LAND. Our huge GibsMEDat Society is not sustainable at all.  Worse, we screw over those who pay in the most and work hard their whole life, and give it to fuck sluts who have 4 brown babies in highschool so they get free townhouses. We are so warped so utterly insane that you see the PUSSYHAT, Black Thugs Matter, and Antifa wrecking streets and attacking people and somehow try to normalize it. They are the ones screaming “Don’t you dare talk about it don’t you dare take away our GIBSMEDAT don’t you dare talk about our DEGENERACY” and it works. It is a shutdown mechanism.  The “Alt-Right” is just another name for “those with working brains”.  But they call that RACISM. NAZI. Well let me tell you we need some NAZI solutions at this point. No not the HOloHoax. We need to recognize the degeneracy in other races, and have race-neutral policies but policies that understand the CON going on by these dark races and STOP their free ride handout pimpin gibs me that life of luxury for doing nothing. That game is OVER! If you haven’t paid in for 10 years, you don’t deserve pay out. It’s that simple.

The Europanic Americans should not and CAN NOT shoulder the burden for the dysgenic races.  The system needs to be reformed. This is not to say the Europanics are perfect, the sociopaths who run with pure greed in business needs to be addressed, the banker 23 Trillion handout needs to be addressed, the low tax rates for hedge fund managers and the companies paying zero taxes need to be addressed.  The dysgenic races is only one third of the imbalance that is breaking us.  So we need – Welfare and Disability and Handout Reform. How about stop giving 400 Million in EIC money to one address? How about stop giving 20k to Invaders. How about stopping welcoming Somalian single mothers with 8 children and clapping and happy like we have done something good rather than infect us with with will be hundreds of dysgenic kids from that one family.  Fiscal reform – restore Glass Steagall and tax financial transactions, have companies pay a minimum tax if they have over 100 M in sales,  Condense the 27 intellgience / thug agencies into 2 or 3 with 1/3 their budget, and reduce our military spending and size by at least 50%.  We need a general tariff of 10% and 20% for slave nations like China. Add investments in innovation, reward and provide real support for entrepreneurs. Why don’t all our cities have free office space and support for entrepreneurs? It’s happening across Europe! We are last place, no longer even a first world nation. We are a joke. And if we don’t shrug off political correctness and if we don’t stop being scared of the word “DAS RACISS” well we are totally fucked. FUCK THEM.  TO HELL WITH THEM! This nation, run on the principles it was founded on.  America was most successful when it had ZERO INCOME TAX.  We revolted against Great Britain over 5% tax on some goods! And now, we are so broken so completely CUCKED that we support a 50-75% tax on average americans. Insanity. Absolute Goddamn Insanity.

Oh theres trouble in Afghanistan, I’m Trump We need to send in more troops. FUCK AFGHANISTAN its a pile of rocks and people who fuck goats. Nope nope we need to spend another 100 Billion on a pile of rocks. We can even send a million dollar cruise missile and blow up some rocks. INSANE.  Get out of EVERYWHERE. Get out of Korea. If they can’t defend from the north then they don’t deserve to exist as a nation. Get out of NATO we don’t need to pay for Europe’s defense! We spend and spend on everyone but ourselves. Oh we can manage a 80% tax rate. No worries. And Trump’s tax cut, well that doesn’t help we just plunge into debt faster. We HAVE A SPENDING PROBLEM. We take in THREE TRILLION DOLLARS a year. WE should not be ONE PENNY IN DEBT.

We need a parallel currency system tied to Gold. is a good first step. We need to move the FED central bank to be fully under the treasury – no private shareholder no secret Trillionaires wagging their own personal financing with our dollars.

The problem is so big and so vast. So often nothing at all happens. Just heads down keep doing what we have been doing.  Trump does NOT have complete ideas. He has good philosophy. But he does not understand the IMPLEMENTATION. There is also the policy changes that will reset our SPIRIT which are so key.  End the H-1B Genocide would be a good start. Support our Entrepreneurs with 200-500k capital loans unsecured personally IF they pass a review process – only pick the best. Rebuild our hurrican blasted cities with modern designs, not the commercial central bleack downtowns, we need WALKING STREETS which integrate shopping, squares which can host live music and eents, and LIVING spaces above the shopping areas.  WE need to integrate growing vegetables and fish within our city zones and build aquaponics into our buildings. We need green spaces. We need to END the suburb model. That is a isolation and death model. We need to end the strip mall model. We need to live in integrated places.  This is the transformation for the next century. Not sitting in crowded highways in grid lock. That model has UTTERLY FAILED.  But we can’t. Because the dysgenic populations take over the best parts of our cities.  Their housing and resources need to be moved far out, almost to farmland. If they haven’t been SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE they do not DESERVE the best our nation has to offer in location.  Let them take the long commute and move their crime away. The Section 8 notion that you just PEPPER THEM across Europanic suburbs and DISTRIBUTE THEIR HORROR AND CRIME so they can prey on Europanics everywhere is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing.

DAS RACISS DAS RACISS. Yah well I want my goddamn country back.

It isn’t even that. I don’t want the USA to fall into dollar collapse. The dumb GibsMeDat society cannot fathom the horror of that. They seem incapable of economic or teleological thinking. And far from being Racist, if America collapses everyone will suffer and the poor will suffer the most. What will you do when a box of Cheerios costs $5,000 dollars? Your brain can’t fathom it but it can happen. Zimbabwe went to trillion dollar notes.

Also, I am tired of the push for massive population growth and the huge push for white genocide. The GibsMeDat-SingleWhiteFemale-Antifa agenda is a anti-white movement. And our government policies are now anti-white and handouts and advantage for the illegal alien invaders, and the non-Europanic peoples. We are lousey with them.

If you think we will still have a tax income base or a social security flush with incoming dollars when the nation changes from 70% Europanic to 70% non-europanic as the majority, well you are going to be sadly mistaken. And when the welfare programs collapse what happens cannibalism? It’s not good. Look at Venezuela for guidance if you can’t fathom this.

If you think that having a billion person population is just fine, you need to visit Bombay India for a month. Take that one hour commute and quadruple it. Can you fathom commuting EIGHT HOURS A DAY because the roads are all at a standstill? That is our current governments policy. The RAISE act talks about lowing the refugees admitted from 100k each year to 50k each year. And seems to end chain based immigration. But look closer – all those illegal aliens falsly declared US citizens by birth well now they get to make their parents legal. “The bill establishes a nonimmigrant alien W-visa for the parent of an adult (at least 21 years old) U.S. citizen.” SICK!

No the 14th amendment does not construe citizenship on invaders born here.  Social security cards and passports need to be removed from those who have done this in the past 20 years. But the political will isn’t there. So our nation will die. Oh well.

We have to get on the march on ALL these issues. Together they can turn the ship. Or at least slow the angle of destruction so we have another 20 years to figure it out. Right now America has less than ten years left. Wrap your head around that for a second.  The new brown population will not be a tax base to support anything they are the GibsMeDat generation net suckers on the taxpayer teat. So what happens when there are 200 M teat suckers and only 1 cow? Mass starvation, homelessness, rape, and horror. It is THIS vision that propels me, not racism. It is shouldering the burden of knowing the horror we are flying headlong into. Where Venezuela is today we will be in ten years. twenty at best. But most likely ten. The other disturbing thing is that the change will happen overnight. It will happen so fast. You will go to sleep in a normal america, and you will wake up with no welfare check, with empty store shelves, and day by day more and more people getting desperate. So is it RACIST to not want this future? Antifa would say so. The SPLC would say so. Well they are nuts. So screw them. They are the ignorant savages we have to shut down once and for all. Just because they are incapable of teleological thinking does not mean they are right.

It’s time to fight back. We have seen that just having a president is not enough. We need a third political party – an America First party – the Anti-Antifa party.  The question is which group of billionaires will finally realize it’s life and death and come together to form this group? naw, let’s just take the dark night approach, once our nation is a 50%+ non-europanic hell hole, just let it burn.  Any city which reaches 50% or greater non-europanic is frightening violent hell hole. Camden, Compton, Detroit, Balt-more, prove me wrong bitches. Los Angeles (except venice and the BU). What about San francisco? Well no, asians don’t seem to have this problem, you just get better take out and nice green grocers with hairy vegetables you don’t have a clue what the hell they are. No harm no foul. Plus some of their chics are cute. And they have good SAT scores. So really it’s not about race. Its about if they are dysgenic. And the longer they are slaves or on welfare or come from the Ghetto, the more generations of that, the worse their gene pool becomes.

So at some point if no one acts, just say fuck it. Start drinking heavily and find some good prostitutes with big titties to spend the last year before it all burns down to cinders. Yahp. We’re exhausted and about to pack it in. Things are that bad.  New Zealand is where the posers are headed but not me. I’ve staked out a nice hut in Tasmania where the native chicks go braless. My only posessions are a tub of pancake mix and 20 quarts of johnny walker black.  Shit no maple syrup.