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White house insiders say that Trump is being drugged. They are trying to shut him down. He is slurring his words and stumbling.

They are trying to make sure he doesn’t have the energy in the evenings to watch TV or get news of the world from anyone but his handlers.

After a life of working 16 hours a day without a problem, trump finds himself exhausted by 4pm.  It’s not the work, its drugs being slowly put in his food and drink.

To counteract it, they give him “uppers” making him manic.

He needs to get to a private doctor and have his blood tested ASAP if this is true.  Trump needs to get his food from fast food drive throughs at random for the next month until he can figure out WTF is going on.

Trumps caving on Afghanistan is making more sense. They were wearing him down.  And drugging him. And now exhausted, he has less energy to stay informed and fight.

Attacked on all sides including the Republican evil fucks Ryan and SnagglePus McConnell, this is just sick if its true. They did it to Ronald Reagan for EIGHT YEARS.

He needs to get back to MareLargo and get real food and drink in his system so he can fight it off. McDonalds drive ins at random ONLY when in DC!