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They hide behind their faith calling it a religion. It is not.

Islam is a sick brutal barbaric cult seeking to destroy every country its people inhabit.

They terrorize us with their knives, their guns, their truck killing humandozers, and by their babies. The kind women in black slave robes popping out fetuses are as much terrorists as the ones with knives.

Their game is to abuse the welfare systems and produce as many babies as possible so that in 20 years they will be big enough to seize the land.

Every nation they populate in the west finds them establishing their own “NO GO” areas.

Every mosque preaches hatred and war and murder, and they never ever condemn terrorists attacks

The initial WEDGE of the attack appears peaceful but do not be deceived. That is their strategy until their numbers increase.

Their religion seeks nothing less than the re-conquest of the western word which they were finally thrown out of in 1488.  Now they are back.

Once they rule they enslave and rape and bring terror.   ISIS is nothing but the realization of what MUSLIMS seek to bring to any land they conquer.