“We Want NOTHING BUT PEACE” – Adolf Hitler

“It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939” – Adolf Hitler

The attack on Hitler by the entire world, forced by the Globalist Bankers, will be remembered as the greatest crime in history. And the evil will be remembered in these horrible names – Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt.

Hitler was the greatest man to live in the past two centuries. His fight is our fight – to throw off the globalists and bankers who rule us like ants.  It took the combined might of the entire world to put his small nation down, and if the war had gone on just a few months longer his new more advanced jets would have defeated the world.


Hitler and Trump follow the same path. End the multinational agreements. Nationalism. America First. And now they are goading Trump into war.

We are told lies that jews were gassed.  We never ask what the jews were doing in and outside of Germany to merit their expulsion.

We never ask about the horror of Poland’s refusal to deal in over a year of efforts to integrate the german people trapped there in Danzig.

We are never told the full story of Dunkirk when Hitler let 400,000 British solidiers go thinking surely they will now have peace. He could not fathom the madness of Churchill.

Like Trump, Kennedy, and Reagan, Hitler was drugged by bad people.

You have to study hard and deep to understand Hitler’s greatness and what his true fight was. You have to shut out the screaming maniacal jewish lies and face reality. Hitler was a man of peace saving his people from starvation and poverty. Everything else is a lie or distortion. They refused his offers of peace 20 times. It was the rest of the entire world including the USA that were the monsters. This is a sad and heavy fact.

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