The problem with granting DACA or amnesty to “dreamers” is that even today fraud on the application forms are ubiquitous.

They have no fear of lying on forms, as their falsified ssn cards, w-9s and other federal documents indicate.

Well, we can verify that they actually attended US high schools say the dreamer fans.

Not so fast. Because once that requirement gets established a black market in names and records will be created.  And then no matter WHO they are or HOW OLD THEY ARE they will simply purchase the right name and school name to put on their forms. How do we know they are that person? We don’t.

Unlike America, Mexico does not require fingerprint verification for birth certificates and many get fake Matricula Consular cards with several IDs no problemo.

So ultimately, it’s not a solvable problem. They say the average age of DACAns is 25, but thats just the AGE ON THE FORM.  Most are probably 40 years old or older. Most are probably MS-13 gang bangers.  They hold up a cute 8 year old child and say please help. But the reality is, it’s a 40 year old gang banker whose killed and raped.

There seems to be no way around this. High schools do not fingerprint, they just take a name. Anyone can use it. Anyone can claim to be Juan Garcia and Washington High School. And probably 100 people will. and the govrnment will stamp and approve all of them. Because that’s what the government does. You can look at the 1980s amnesty under Reagan (where they extended the time to submit it twice!) or look at 140 million dollars of Earned Income Credit that went to One address in Georgia. Approved! Stamped! Legit!

OK so what can be done for DACANS.  Well I don’t belive it should ever be granted amnesty. But if you did at least require them to be 20 years old or younger. With age examinations by medical professionals. That is at least a start.  Verify PICTURES of them against the pictures in the high schools.  Verify their names against utility records.  At least do all that.  And get them property retinal scanned and fingerprinted. I’m not saying that we SHOULD grant them amnesty, only if we did it would require extreme measures, which brings us to the final problem – this would be too costly to do.  We can’t have DIS style investigations on five million DACAns.  The cost would be BILLIONS.

It is ultimately an unsolvable problem. Go back to Mehico and El Salvedor and Somalia and start from the back of the line.  That is the only solution. If they are CURRENTLY CHILDREN IN HIGH SCHOOL or below then perhaps they can be saved. But no one else. But you end up splitting hairs, where to do you cut the cutoff? It’s impossible. If you allow the 18 yr old , then why not the 20 yr old. Why not the 50 yr old who snuck in at 40 and sells heroin?  Once you give up on the laws of  america there is no salvation.