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There are many problems with bernie Slanders call for Medicare for every American.

First, the program is very expensive, a net cost to every person. America simply cannot afford to give it to all Americans for free. So that then begs the question what is the cost for it? Without a free market there is no way to allow for price discovery.

Second, Medicare has fixed prices for care. And those prices are very low. This only works because doctors only accept a small percentage of their practice as medicaid insurance. They lose money on each person. If their entire practice was based on medicaid they would go out of business. So it fundamentally does not work.

Third, it does not allow our higher end care and expensive machine medicine to proceed.  America does not have nationalized OIL production. We don’t have any extra revenue streams to cover this. So our care will degenerate to minimal care and long waits.

You will find that progressives – socialists – communists – demothugs are incapable of economic thinking or teleological thought. They just want to do what “feels good”. It’s the same with having open borders. It feels good. But no thought at to what that does to jobs and squalor and crime and government debt. Medicaid for all is just the same. It’s economic insanity.

The truth is we are not a first world country we have too many poor and invalid now.  The Demothug argument “we are a rich nation” just is not true look at our trillion dollar yearly deficits! Hardly a rich nation. So they are psychotic and insane, we barely can provide for minimal socialism. And nothing for poor Europanic Americans. $183 dollars in food aid, for three months, once every three years. That’s what they told me they could do for me after paying in 2 million in taxes. SICK!