North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un (pictured) has overseen dozens of controversial missile tests 

“30,000 Kernals popped a minute, it’s amazing” said Un, who has been known to devour ten bags of popcorn during Dennis Rodman re-runs.

North Korea’s mission to dominate the popcorn industry won’t end there. New strains of super corn the size of golf balls will feed his starving nation.

“We use the radiation from our reactor. It makes Crazy Corn!” screamed kim gobbling up handfulls of popcorn, some star shapes and others were like corn doughnuts.

“Dis Corn-seeeee. It’s da bawm! Issss Feedim My Pweeple!” said Un.

What about your second missle launched over Japan? Asked an onlooker.

“It’s our Popcorn distribution system. I am feeding the whole world Biatches!” screamed an excited un shaking his large Corn-Belly.  His generals all laughed in unisom.